Wine Packages on RCCI



It has been over 3 years since I last cruised RCCI. At that time, one could purchase a discounted package of 4 or 6 bottles of wine, selected from a menu provided, to be served in the dining room(s) as desired. This package amounted to a savings of 15 to 20% off the purchase of individual bottles. Are such packages still offerred? I will be sailing on the Grandeur in 5 weeks. Thanks for any input!


I just checked my Cruise Compasses from this past Christmas sailing on the Adventure. I know I saw the "Wine & Dine" package somewhere for around $89.00..I can't find it in the Compasses, but I remember reading about it. I did find in the Compass the Royal Drink Package for $39.00 plus the 15% gratuity. You receive 12 drinks of your choice during the cruise.

Call brands...(reg. price $4.50 ea.)
House Wines by the glass (reg. price $4.50 ea.)
Domestic Beer (reg. price $4.50 ea.)

Saving you up to $17.25
Available at all bars. Ask your Bar Server for details.

If I can find the one about the wine and dine, I will post it for you.


This is the info I have, but someone on another board said they had some Woodbridge also offered on their cruise so they must switch some of their package wine offerings sometimes:

Wine & Dine Package:
This is a special package created at Royal Caribbean and purchased onboard. It makes ordering the proper wine fun and simple to do. You can purchase this the first day of the cruise (special wine stands are set up throughout the ship), or from your sommelier (Wine Steward). Guests will receive one (1) bottle of our fine wine each evening of their cruise. Price List:
04 day cruise: $62.00
05 day cruise: $77.00
07 day cruise: $109.00
08 day cruise: $124.00
09 day cruise: $139.00
10 day cruise: $155.00
11 day cruise: $170.00
12 day cruise: $186.00
13 day cruise: $201.00
14 day cruise: $217.00
Prices listed do not include gratuity of 15%
The specific wines (from our large selection) that are available for the Wine & Dine package are:
White Wines:
Langenbach - Spatlese (Riesling) - Germany
Louis Chavy - Macon Villages - France
Burlwood Cellars - Chardonnay - California
Parducci - Chenin Blanc - California
Blush Wines:
Turning Leaf - White Zinfandel - California
Red Wines:
Louis Chavy - Beaujolais Villages - France
Walnut Crest - Merlot - California
Gaetano D'Aquino - Montepulciano D'Abruzzo - Italy
Burlwood Cellars - Cabernet Sauvignon - California
Sparkling Wines:
Korbel - Brut - California
Martini & Rossi - Asti - Italy
** Any unopened bottles of wine not consumed from your Wine & Dine package may be taken with you to be enjoyed at home (This may constitute a part or whole of your duty-free liquor allowance). If a particular wine is not available, the sommelier will replace it with a similar wine of equal or greater value.


Just got off the Rhap last Sun. and the wine package they offered were preselected wines for each day, some of them I really didn't care for, at $110. One was a white zin, cheap, another some kind of sweet wine and so on. Looked like to me they were trying to unload some of their unpopular wines. The house Chard was not to bad so we stuck with that most of the time, $4.50 plus graut. Buck