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Wine Question - Grand Princess


Alan Ellis

We like to enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner every night. Should I bring my own wine and pay the corking fee or buy wine on board? The moderate-priced wine list looked pretty lame. RC has a wine package, but I didn't see anything like that in the Princess info. This is our first Princess cruise. (Leaving in 10 days). :)

Thanks for the help.



I suggest taking some of you own, especially if you don't like the wine list. Just be sure you know how much your allowed. I know one bottle per person is allowed but beyond that, I'm not sure what the rules are for bringing on more. It doesn't appear that Princess has any packages for wine because I was also looking for them. Enjoy your cruise! Cheers

George C

I was on Grand 4 months ago and we brought on about 6 bottles with no questions asked.


Put your wine in a shipper box, put your luggage tag on it and check it in with the rest and you should be fine. All wine is overprice no matter what resturante you buy it at.