Wine service - Bring your own wine



We will be on 10/22 sailing of Brilliance and it's been a while since being back on RCCL. Could you please explain how wine service for those who bring their own wine is provided on RCCL? On Celebrity we provided the wine we wanted to consume to our steward and he brought it up to the restaurant each night. They stored the wine properly and wine served exceptionally well by the wine steward. As I understand it there is no wine steward on RCCL?


The last time we were on a RCCl (Viking Serenade) the stewards were gone and the waiters were not very good about serving wines. It was a new policy.
We brought our own and they supplied glasses. We had none left so I don't know about storage.
I'm sure on the Brilliance (we are on the 10/12) they will have a better system where you choose your wines during the day, usually up near the pool, and it will be brought to you that night and it will be stored (I hope!)