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Wine Tasting on Miracle?



I saw that there is a wine tasting listed in the capers. Did anybody attend this? How much is the "nominal fee"? Carnival's definition of nominal may be different than mine!



We did tasting all week. Was around $5 a glass.

Okay... we did not go to the actual wine tasting. They did have a liquor tasting some nights, as they were trying to get people to buy bottles to take home. We tasted a few and got a cheap buzz. We long ago figured out saving $5-$10 a bottle, but then carting it half way around the world was not worth the hassle.


We went to the wine tasting on the Spirit. RIP OFF!!! They charge $1.50 per glass plus the 15% gratutity. And they only give you just a sip for the buck 50. You can go anywhere else and get an entire glass for not too much more than what they are charging you for a sip. The information they give you about the wines is informative but you get no bang at all for your buck. Or buck 50 in this case.