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Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by brula, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. brula

    brula Guest

    I have heard that you can buy a wine package for around $120 that would provide a bottle of wine each night with dinner. Two questions, 1) can you pick your wines (my wife doesn't like very very dry wines)? and 2) Someone told me that when you order wine that the waiter will serve wine from that bottle to everyone at the table, doesn't make sense but hopefully it's not the case. OOPs 3rd question - can do you order the wine package before the cruise date?

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  2. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Royal Caribbean has a wine program that does include a dinner package. I don't recall the details but you can make personal arrangements as to your wine selections and serving details. Your best bet is to discuss your wine requests with your head waiter the first night at dinner, he will supply you with a wine list and pricing options. They will never serve your wine to the table unless you request that a bottle be shared. I have, at times, requested that the waiter offer our table mates a glass of our wine but that was at our option. RCI usually offers a wine tasting session that may be of interest, and at these tastings they will often offer reduced price packages.

  3. xpcdoojk

    xpcdoojk Guest

    I think Peter described it very well. If you are at a table with strangers it is always a little awkward, but I don't think you should feel guilty about not sharing your wine. The list includes a couple of sparkling wines Korbel Brut (very dry) and Martini and Rossi asti spumanti. A couple of white wines including a riesling slightly sweet, and a white zin pretty sweet. There is about 4 dry whites and about 6 dry reds. So there will be some wines your wife will get to try and not be stuck with the same one every night. We do it where I have a red bottle open and my wife has a white bottle open. You do not have to consume the wine in total that night as they will cork it and bring it back the next night.

    I would suggest that maybe on the second night after you have met your table companions that a shared bottle of sparkling would be appropriate if you are compatible and like them. That is totally a personal choice.

  4. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    On our cruise on the Grandeur in April, they had done away with the wine packages. I had to purchase my dinner wine each day individually. Yes, I complained about the decision to do away with the wine packages.
  5. stargazerm31

    stargazerm31 Guest

    I would not share my wine with strangers unless I found that they were knowledge able and would return the favor. This sounds mean, but if I buy the wine on the ship, I am paying 3x times the retail amount (i.e. a bottle of Kenndal-Jackson Chardonnay sells for $8 at Sams, sells for $28 to $36 on the ship) or I bring my own wine that runs from $25 to $120 a bottle. That much for a bottle of wine or the premium, I'm going to enjoy it and if I share I will know that they will appreciate the price or quality of the wine.

    Sorry just my wine snobbishness coming out. JMHO
  6. Mrs. M

    Mrs. M Guest

    Hi everyone! I'm a brand new cruise addict, just came back from my honeymoon and first cruise on The Majesty of the Seas...AWESOME!!

    Anyway, wanted to reply-as soon as we boarded the ship, they had a table set up for people who wanted to buy wine packages. They had their full wine list and prices, we chose which one we wanted and they had it waiting for us every night at dinner. It was about $130.00 for the wine we chose, and it was a 4 night cruise. They served it only to us, we did ask our tablemates if they wanted some, but they declined. It was pretty fun to have it waiting every night, so we didn't need to order anything else to drink during dinner (bar service was a tad slow), so it worked out well for us, especially since it was a short cruise. Have fun!
  7. Mrs. M

    Mrs. M Guest

    No Subject

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  8. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Re: No Subject


    You have the right attitude! For most of us the cruise experience is made up of a lot of worry free pleasantries, just one of which can be having your own wine selection waiting with you evening meal. I have found that I really enjoy planning all the details before a cruise, or as early as I can. Then with few surprises we can just relax and enjoy.


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