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Just got off Inspiration yesterday and can't believe the weather we had! Saturday we had 10'-15' waves, wind gust of 35-40 mph and a temp of around 60 degrees the entire day. The cabin was so bumpy you couldn't stand up. You almost had to be outside to keep yourself from being sick. The crew placed vomit bags all around the inside of the ship because so many people were sick. It was awful. Several people that I spoke with said it was becuase it was winter and the sea is always rough in the winter. Has anyone heard of this and why didn't I?


I have been on two cruises in December. The sea was calm. Never felt a thing and never got sick. If your cruise was a rough one it was not because it's always like that in the winter it just depends on the conditions of the days.


I was on the RCCL Majasty of the Seas last January. The trip to the Islands were smooth but when we tried to leave Keywest The coldest cold front in years moved in.we were stuck there overnight untill the morning when the winds died down. then the waves were from 20 to 30 feet on the way back to miam with wind gust up too 65 MPH.The temp was around 40 to 50 degrees They said some of the waves were up to 42 ft... It Was ROUGH.There were waves crashing over the bow of the ship at times.

The Big Red Boat 1/97
Majasty of the seas 1/03
Monarch of the seas 3/03
Fascination 12/03
Majasty of the seas 1/04


I don't remember where the Inspiration goes off hand, but if you were in the eastern caribbean, then perhaps your weather was the result of the tropical storm down there. Jamaica, Haiti, the Domincan, the Caico Islands, etc are all under warnings...

I always cruise in the winter and have never had a problem... Gotta love the weather - it changes every day!



Wow, sounds like quite the adventure!! Is the Inspiration out of Florida? The reason I ask is because the Atlantic has the worst winter storms of all the Oceans. The great lakes have some severe storms but the Atlantic winter storms? Forget it.

Actually what you had was mild. Yep. I'll never forget a passage in November on the Grand lady of the seas, The QE2. These were literally moving mountains of water smashing over the bow. There were times where I was looking straight up and felt like we were at the bottom of the grand canyon. I forget what the wind speeds were but I remember my parents saying something about 70-80 foot high swells. Man I thought I was gonna die! LOL!!

Winter storms on the Atlantic are really hit and miss. Really, try not to take cruises between June 1 and November 31. That's hurricane season.

The wife and I cruised the Carnival Legend May 29 - June 7. Just one day I felt like I had one too many. LOL! otherwise, calm seas and blue skies.



I think most of the ships head back to NYC during April, and most of them should be there by the beginning of May.


Well I sure hope so Ashley. Seems we've been gettin a whole buncha tugboats and ferries here! Many dissapointments when I sneak out for lunch with my camera starting early summer and see things like the Hanseatic, I think that bearly tips the scales at a breathtaking 20,000 tons and some other strange oddities, like the Topaz, It's got these big huge words across the hull PEACEBOAT used to belong to Carnival back in the beginnings actually. I believe it was called Carnivale, if I'm not mistaken. It's just an old worn out cruise ship. Man it's an eye sore. Also, the Zenith. Not pretty to look at, at all.

Ok, I'll be fair, Carnival Legend has a sell out cruise which leaves every week from here, we see Norwegian Dawn, on a rare occasion, we see the beautiful Golden Princess, but I'd like to see Carnivals new line up like the valor and the Conquest. I don't think they have immediate plans to bring them up here so we can see them.

Carnivals new Miracle will be here for about five minutes, then it's going where else? Florida. Imagine that. There's an original port.

I appologise for the sarcasm, it's not directed towards you in any way shape or form, but it takes about four days or so to learn the inside of these superliners, another good reason to bring'em up here. it takes two days to get to a Carribean island and two days back to NYC ports.

I;m not saying reposition them here all the time, but give us NYers more of a choice. Heck many people I've spoken to at work and their clients say they'll even drive to Rhode island or MA to make cruising more accessable.

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We had two nights of bumpy rock and roll seas on the Elation the week of Thanksgiving. We left Galveston as a front hit and had rough seas all night. The next day was too cool to lay out. Then perfect weather until we headed back and Friday night, we hit another front and had 10-12 foot seas all night. Then, Saturday was calm but cool. Three years ago in December on the Inspiration out of New Orleans, we had perfect weather until we were amost home. The last night we had rough seas. I guess there are so many fronts coming through that the seas tend to be choppy closer to home.


Just got off the Monarch of the Seas- the last night headed back to LA was rough because there was a storm .

The last 4 times I returned to LA onboard ship- no problem.

Most everyone was in their cabin, I was up in Jade eating sushi and drinking sake..

What happens to me, though, is I get seasick and have vertigo for a few days AFTER I get home. (Anyone else have this problem?)

I like going to Ensenada and Catalina Island during the winter when it's not hot and humid and full of tourists.

Also the ship is decorated for the holidays and seems so festive!
I'm booked for the same itinerary on the Ecstasy 1-12-04