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Wireless Internet Connection Question

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Kathysum, May 15, 2004.

  1. Kathysum

    Kathysum Guest

    We will be traveling on the Diamond Princess July 10 to Alaska - If you have a laptop with a wireless connection built in, how does Princess know to charge you? Or is there even a way to connect wirelessly?

    Thanks in advance


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  2. Princess Pat

    Princess Pat Guest

    I'm guessing here but if you have a laptop that connects wirelessly, I'd think you'd be on your own dime. Depending upon where you're traveling you' might have to have a satellite phone connection. We saw quite a few satellite phone users on our recent Greek Isles cruise. For example, a guy on the tour coach conducted business with the States the whole ride. Many Japanese cruisers carried phones all the time, as did a lady conversing in Greek when we crossed paths with her from time to time.

    If you're a Platinum or Elite member, services are free on the Princess computers. Many people gave their kids their Platinum cards for PC use (mostly teens and older).

  3. Kathysum

    Kathysum Guest

    Thanks for the info Pat!
  4. laginog

    laginog Guest

    I'm not sure if it's the same as the Diamond but we'll be going on the Caribbean Princess. We e-mailed them and asked them about the wireless connection and here's the response we got...

    We have noted your inquiries pertaining to internet usage while onboard. Shipboard personnel has provided the following information. While you are able to bring your own laptop and access the internet using a wireless LAN card, this is not available in passenger staterooms. This is only accessible in the Main Atrium from decks 5, 6, and 7. Further, please be advised that as per Princess Cruises' company policy, if for any reason the passenger's wireless LAN card does not pick up the network onboard (assuming that the network is available), shipboard personnel are not authorized to make any attempts to make configuration changes to a passenger's laptop. The wireless service is charged at the same price as the Internet Cafe, USD $ .35 per minute. Passengers are able to buy half hour vouchers for USD $10.50 from the Passenger Services Desk on deck 6.

    Additionally, we need to advise that some internet sites are blocked due to Princess Cruises' security policy. Without knowing the site that you will be connecting to in advance, we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to connect while onboard. As you are wanting to connect to your work email account, please ensure that this is working and available before boarding the vessel. While onboard, they will only provide a "connection" to the internet. The passenger will be responsible for access to internet email.
  5. Princess Pat

    Princess Pat Guest

    A-ha! Now I know why there was a guy in the atrium on the Star Princess with a laptop (otherwise there are no Princess laptops available on the Star).

    On the Dawn Princess in October we had a room close to the atrium, which we thought would be very clever for Princess laptop usage. Didn't work. You have to be in the atrium proper.


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