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Wish me luck..... RCL's online forms..

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Seawall, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    I'm off to do the online embarkation forms; I'll let you know how it turns out.
  2. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    They were pretty much EZ to do; just make sure you have your passport/BC with you, and all info. They have a great printable doc page as well, and make sure you print them out.
  3. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    Did ours last week, it was a breeze. Now anxious to see how it works out at check-in.
  4. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    I'll let you know the results; but some ports might be different; I've heard, for sure, Galveston does take them. Again, I'll let everyone know after we return.
  5. Dobie

    Dobie Guest

    When we got our docs for the Grandeur on 9/8 everything I had put into the website was already printed on the documents!! Nothing left for me to do but show up with my ticket in hand!!
  6. herb

    herb Guest

    So simple to do and everytime I called in a change of some sort within seconds that change was taken care of on embarkation form.
  7. They wanted our embarkation forms filled out by hand a couple weeks ago even though I did all the embarkation forms online and had them printed out also. Maybe with time they won't expect the hand-written ones also.

    Hope you have a GREAT cruise, Seawall!! :dance :) :dance
  8. patty

    patty Guest

    where do you go to fill out forms on line?? since i put a deposit on the Explorer for next july i want to know ALLLLLLLLLLLL :lol :lol :lol
  9. LjeanBrown

    LjeanBrown Guest

    patty, you go to RCI's web site and on the left side of the page are options to choose. You click on embarkation forms. You need to have your booking # to complete the form. They are easy to do. But as Lady Jag said San Juan and some of the other ports won't take them. Miami and FLL will, and I'm sure probably some others, but I don't know which ones. Hope this helps :wave

    Laurie :candle
  10. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    Patty, make sure you've got your booking number! You have to have it to get started. When you enter your booking number, it will confirm your cabins, and everything when you log onto RCL's site.
  11. patty

    patty Guest

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Little Irene

    Little Irene Guest

    Yup, we did all 11 forms last week and we printed them. Then we got our cruise docs and I have those filled out too. I'd like to see check in work with the on-line forms, but if it doesn't, no prob...I'll have the old fashion one's ready!
  13. griffy

    griffy Guest

    Anyone know if they accept the electronic forms at port in Hawaii?
  14. Toto

    Toto Guest

    Hope you had good luck there my friend, you will find it really speeds up the boarding process!
  15. Alesia

    Alesia Guest

    we have a cruise booked for june 2003. Haven't recieved booking # yet. When should I get it or how can I get it?

    ED MARY ANN Guest

    Cruise Froms did ours last week now just waitin for 10-6 sailing of VOS.
  17. Little Irene

    Little Irene Guest


    You can ask your TA for the booking number. You need it to log on to RCCL for the forms and also to book excursions.

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