With emailed documents, how does one receive luggage tags?



On past cruises we have received documents by mail. The package including pre-printed luggage tags. My question is: if one chooses to receive documents by email, when and how are luggage tags prepared?


The baggage handlers out in front of the pier will have them....They will ask and enter your cabin number, take your bags, and you are good to go....

Frank Black

I was given e-mailed cruise docs twice previously but "demanded" that the cruise line over night me actual baggage tags. It's just too hectic at the pier to mess with filing out new tags in my opinion.

Plus on my RCCL cruise last August (that included transfers from the airport to the hotel) they sent me e-mail docs too. I was worried since they had e-mail copies of coupons that were to be given to the hotel and airporter transfer bus. I demanded real docs and they sent them over night. Lucky they did. Both the airporter bus and hotel would not accept the e-mailed copies of the coupons.


I make my own tags with cabin number, ship sailing date and the other obvious info. The baggage handlers simply copy the cabin number from a hard copy so there is no confusion.

I have had no grief with or without my home made tags, as far as the porters at the piers.


PRint off tags and laminate them, make one hole with a hole punch and affix to luggage. Takes only a few minutes and they are very durable. You can buy material to laminate the tags in sheets att Walmart no need to have a laminator.


The emailed docs include bag tags that you can print. If you book through a travel agent, your travel agent may still print the docs and bag tags and send to you. I plan to for my guests. You can print them on regular paper as others suggest and attach to your luggage. Or you can purchase full sheet labels from the office supply store, print on them, then cut them in bag tag slices. I hate for my guests to have to do these things for themselves, so I'll still be printing and sending them.


Cruise line luggage tags are a waste of time. I would hope that you already have normal tags on your bags so the only data needed on a cruise ship tag is the cabin number.

Change with the times folks. They don't run on steam boilers anymore. (tu)

In short, the only thing you should have to do at the pier is to get a tag with your cabin number affixed, stand in line and show your booking number, passport and credit card. Get your Sea Pass card activated, get your picture taken to match your Sea Pass card right after you pass through the minimal security. =COOL

Board and relax, you made it. =sleep

On the last cruise we went from meeting the first rep to in our cabin in less than 10 minutes. It helps to have Diamond status because at some ports you are taken to a totally different area and whizzed through. :king

Others, just shorter lines.

On a side note... Please help police the Platinum and up areas. Simply ask the people in front of you how many times they have sailed on RCCL or Celebrity. =huh


Are the luggage tags color coded, as on Carnival? In any event, it sounds as if I should request documents by mail to avoid having to make my own. Am I missing something? Is there any advantage to documents by e-mail?

Spender Nui

Interesting. We received our documents and baggage tags yesterday. I don't understand why there are so many methods for this.


It is about money. Postage x passengers x amount of ships cruise line owns = big savings every week.

No big deal doing it at the pier...


How does the whole luggage tag thing work when you are using Celebrity's airfare?

We are flying into San Juan the same day as our sailing. Will we have to claim our luggage drop off at the bus and then reclaim once at the ship and then slap the tags on?