With Katrina set to hit New Orleans, I was wondering...



I am set to cruise out of Miami on Sept 18, to the E Caribbean. I know that I am cruising during hurricane season, but what are the chances that they would actually cancel a cruise? What if they would not cancel the cruise and we could not fly into Miami the day before? Katrina has me worried that another hurricane will start up.



It really depends on the predicted path and severity of the hurricane. Often, what happens is ports of call are skipped or changed or in some cases, you either get a longer cruise by a day or two or a shortened cruise. The company obviously is looking out for the safety of passengers but there is also a bottom line. Canceling a cruise means lost revenue. If they can substitute a modified cruise, it has a better impact on their bottom line. Another thing to keep in mind is that your modified cruise could also get tail end rain or wave chops. Obviously, they are not going to endanger a multi-million dollar vessel but they are not afraid a little rain or waves.

In rare cases, your modified itinerary could be radically different. Last month, Voyager was supposed to go to Bermuda but was diverted to Nova Scotia. Going from pink sand to the House of Seven Gables is a big difference to some folks! :)

Some hurricanes or tropical storms have occured in September. Don't worry about it but keep in mind there could always be a contingency.

I hope the best for the people of Lousiana.