wizard of oz sing a long



I just read about the princess cruises, sing a long on the cruise line's ships. i am so shocked to read this. My twelve year old daughter knows everything about the actors and is obsessed with anything that has to do with the wizard of oz. i just booked a rccl cruise and now i am sorry i did not book a princess cruise. she was so excited to hear about this sing a long on the princess ships and the wide screen film that i feel real bad that i could not book this, this year ,we can only do one vacation a year. has anyone heard of this. its silly to me but she thinks this is WONDERFUL. i wish they keep it for a couple years so we can enjoy this in 2006. the things we won't do for our kids.lol


I know absolutely nothing about this activity because I've never been on a Princess Cruise- my first is coming up on the Diamond Thanksgiving week. But I do know the lengths we'll go to to make our offspring happy!
Anyway, it sounds like you "just booked" your RCCL cruise. If this is the case and it's not coming up too soon, perhaps all you've done is put down a deposit. You may want to check with your TA or the cruise line to see if it's still possible to cancel the RCCL cruise and book a Princess Cruise. Not sure if RCCL would have a cancellation penalty (I believe most do not if cancellation occurs prior to final payment) but if the TA does, you could always tell that agent that you'll be immediately booking another cruise with them and ask them to waive the cancellation fee for that reason.
Good luck!


I've heard about this. My DD watched TWOO at least 50 times, she was so hooked on it, that DH had TWO laser disks of the Wizard of Oz just incase one broke! LOL!

I recently read an article that said that the ship has characters in costume, leading the sing alongs. They give out bottles of bubbles for when the good witch shows up, and I believe they even have words to the songs at the bottom of the screen.

It's proven hugely popular.

My DD is now 16, she hasn't seen TWOO in many years, but this sounds like a blast, and I would love to do this with her.

One of our local theatres does this once in a while too. But hey, California being the crazy state it is, I am not surprised...

Cruise cutie

=yeah..I am a Princess =love Cruise lines fiend..we love the cruise line.. all 4 of our cruises in the last 10 years have been the best!!..so the poster who said check to see if you could change your cruise is correct..call Your travel agent and call Princess at 1-800-Princess and ask for the information on that ship and sailing..they will be glad to get the information out to you...:thumb..Good luck..:daisy..Joanne


This is not offered on all Princess ships.....I believe it is on the Coral Princess (but someone can correct me if it is not.) I was on the Dawn Princess earlier this month and TWOO sing a long was not part of the entertainment.


thank you all ,sorry i didn't reply until now ,but i have been so busy. i will look into this maybe next year princess sounds great


Grand Princess had this in December. At least, we had crowd participation with bubbles, kazoos, etc, and also a couple of crew members in costume (I think). I'm not sure about a sing-a-long, though some of our group was signing along with parts of the movie anyway. Most of the crowd wasn't really participating, so it wasn't all that big of a deal.

It seems likely that this is only on ships with MUTS since that is somewhat required. It could be done on a projector screen inside in the theatre, but it just wouldn't be the same.


We were just on the Island Princess which does not have MUTS. They DID however, have the sing along occasion in the Universe Theater one afternoon. I would guess that other Princess ships also have this, but a sure way to find out would be to call 1-800-Princess.