Wo is VERY FAMILIAR with Carnival documents?



We've cruised before, but its not like we get to do it every year....so we don't really remember what the documents are supposed to be like. Does anyone know if each person is supposed to get their own set of documents, or if there is usually one set (booklet) for each couple sharing a stateroom?

The reason I ask is, we have had a three week battle with Carnival about our documents, and they've finally all been sent out and all but one have arrived (that one is due to arrive today) but in yesterday's package there was something odd. My parents-in-law had told us they received their documents on Monday. All well and good. Except yesterday my brother-in-law's documents arrived.....but also with a set of documents in my parents-in-law's names!

Now, because my parents-in-law received (one) booklet of documents where BOTH OF THEIR NAMES are printed on everything they assumed they had received their documents. But now, we have this other booklet (with both of their names)....We are thinking that each person is supposed to have their own booklet (my husband and I were sent two booklets, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were each sent their own booklet).....

So here's the thing. If my parents-in-law are supposed to have two booklets, and Carnival sent one of the booklets to them and one of the booklets to their son...do we have an "extra" set or did Carnival really screw up on this one? Btw, they live in separate states. Parents live in Texas and brother-in-law in California.

We're taking the "extra" booklet with us in case they need it, but what if our plane were to be held up?

This is the kind of stuff that makes me very upset that Carnival waits until the last minute before getting the documents out. (We sail in 9 days)....there is NO ROOM FOR ERROR, and it is obvious that they can make errors.

So...does anyone know? Did we get an "extra" booklet, or did Carnival royally mess up? Also, my father-in-law said that the booklet they did receive had two "Boarding Passes"...he said the word "Boarding Pass" was on the ticket. We have looked through all other documents received and nowhere is there a coupon/ticket printed "Boarding Pass".......

Thanks.....for any information, and for letting me vent a little!


You got an extra one. Hubby and I have sailed on CCL 6 times and each time we get one booklet with both of our names on the front and inside there is 2 of everything -- boarding pass, transfer ticket, I think just one ship board credit card application but maybe there are always two -- no I think only one of those.

Take everything that you were sent by Carnival along on your trip just in case.


I just got my documents from Carnival. Five in our family going and staying in one cabin. Got one booklet with all 5 names on it. One sign and sail application for all of us. As long as your parents-in-law didn't pay twice you are probably ok.


both you and your husband should have recieved ONE booklet (everyone in the cabin will be in the one booklet (you also have to get onboard together)

Now.. what it sounds like... your parents and brother are in the same cabin? but your brother is coming from out of state./ By him having his own documents the family can board without him. ALL the people in one cabin whose names are on the documents MUST board together.

It also sounds like since you had a battle to get documents...some may have crossed the mail and they reissued. Thats why you all are getting two documents.

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Yeah...weird situation and I know whenever there are unusual circumstances it ups the chances of screwing up!

My father- and mother-in-law (booked together in one stateroom) live in Texas and are driving to Galveston port. They received one booklet on Monday, with both their names on everything, and I believe they said there were TWO "Boarding Passes"...

Hubby and I (booked together in one stateroom) live in California. Ours is an Air/Sea package. We received two booklets on Tuesday, all coupons in the booklets have both of our names, but there is only one set of each coupon in each booklet.

Brother-in-law (booked together with his sister in one stateroom) lives in California. His docs arrived yesterday afternoon, one booklet, one of each coupon in his booklet.

Sister-in-law (booked together with her brother above in one stateroom) lives in Illinois. She is supposed to get her docs today. (They made a special concession of splitting the documents in this stateroom because the occupants live in different states)

From what you all are telling me, it looks like we just received an errant extra set of docs for my in-laws. We're taking them with us just in case!


Yes you have an extra set :thumb bring both just for the sake of having all of them, but you only need the one with the boarding passes :wave


Do you think its odd that only my parents-in-law's set has coupons that actually say "Boarding Pass"? All the rest (even their "extra" set that came to California) only have a "Cruise Ticket"....

Its all so weird...*LOL*....I've little doubt that we'll all be on that ship, but there are so many little weird things about these docs that its almost funny!

Gayle V

Hello Terri910,

The "Cruise ticket" page and the "Boarding pass" are two separate pages in the docs, and ours included both. We had one booklet for both me and hubby. That booklet contained two "boarding passes", one for me, one for him. It also contained only one "cruise ticket" with both our names on it.

I'm curious about your "FunPass Status" . On the FunPass Status Information page, does it say : "Complete" or "incomplete" ? And I'm wondering if your folks' documents read the same. This is just speculation but it's possible that, whether or not you need all those pages, is dependent on whether or not your FunPass is completed.

(Our docs listed us a "incomplete", despite the fact that we had filled out the FunPass on-line a few weeks before the docs arrived.)

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Yup, all docs (fr EVERYONE) indicated the Fun Pass as "complete" ...that's been done since Carnival's website got straightened out and you could do it online -- how many months ago was that? This has been booked since MARCH...*LOL*...

I think we just have one of the Murphy's Law kind of things going on.....But a call to the TA who called Carnival assures us that our "Cruise Ticket" and their "Boarding Pass" are the same thing, they were "just printed different"......even that is a weird statement to me....*L*....and now you're saying you got both a cruise ticket AND boarding passes in your documents!

Well....by now I feel as though we have personally talked to most everyone on Carnival's payroll, except for Captain and crew! Wonder if I will have any funny stories to tell about trying to board!


YOu won't have any trouble getting onboard. Too many boarding passes can't be a bad thing. I know of people who have booked the day before and picked up docs at the port. Also, I believe you don't have to board together. I have read several posts in which members checked in seperately. Just get packed and take a deep breathe! Once your on ship you are going to have a laugh at Carnivals mishaps! Plus, its extra boarding passes for your parents to keep as souveniers!