Woman found dead in room



Has anyone heard about a woman found dead in her room on a Carnival ship. They think the husband killed her. It happened the middle of the week and the ship finished the cruise. The FBI boarded the ship at sea and stayed till the ship returned. I haven't heard anything since Friday. I just wondered if anyone heard anything.


Yes, it's true. It happened several days ago and has been on the news. They were on Carnival's Elation out of California. The woman was 55 yrs. old. Reportedly the husband confessed to killing her with his bare hands in the cabin's bathroom. He was detained in the ship's brig and the authorities were notified. They came aboard and took him of the ship when it docked. As far as I know there's no reason given so far for the crime.


Alan, this was reported on the C@s home page shortly after it happened. Unfortunate, but the cruise ships are another part of our society and things happen in the same proportion as elsewhere ( with the possible exception of births - but only because 3rd trimesters are prohibited from sailing). It's just that the cruise industry is pretty good about filtering out the negatives from the news.