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Hi guys, for the last several months, have known somethin has been goin on at work, not really sure what. A couple of weeks ago, learned at the lease on the building was up, an now the building is for sale. On Thursday, had a meeting, an learned that the company now its family owned, has been bought out, by another spring shop, also family owned. Several of the big shots from the new company were there, an... They said that they will hire all those who want to keep working. Not really sure bout goin through a 90 day...:eek: Right now my commute is 20 min one way. The new place is in Surf City USA, Huntington Beach, a 40 min commute, two mile from the beach. Yesterday, after workin half day, drove over to check out the place, nice industrial area, can park on the st or in the lot. Right now, have been with the company for 11 yrs an was hopin to make 12, but... Heard that the company now, will be out of the building in mid Dec. Has anybody else been through this? Am kinda worried. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I've already made cruise plans for next April, its a 10 day cruise to the Mexican Rivera, an now...:eek:

My t a, is havin their annual travel show later today, so I thought I would go, then wander around the Brea mall, across the st, an wander around in there, an see if I can buy what I don't need, oh yeah won't be usin credit card. Might buy a couple of blouses with cash,:D an then wander over to the pet store.
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