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Working for Princess



What kind of benefits do you get for working with their cruise line. I dont mean ON the ship.

Cruise cutie

You mean out of their main headquarters in California???as in doing Adminstration work???..Hmmm..good ?.. Call the 1-800- Princess line and ask the people you get on the phone..bet they would tell you...post the info you get..if you do call...=shrug l'm not sure what the answer is...would be neat to know though...;)..Joanne

jan t.

I worked for Princess for 2 years at their lodge in Denali National Park. I was a tour bus driver. They are outstanding to work for. The pay was top notch and the benefits were great. They even provided housing for the staff. We also went on 2 cruises. One after each season of work. Great company to work for! If you have a chance, go for it! P.S. I have no idea if the benefits are the same now as they were then....but it's definately worth asking!