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World Series

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Fetzablu, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Fetzablu

    Fetzablu Guest

    I will be on the 10/22/05 sailing aboard the Golden Princess. Can anyone give me any info as to my chances of being able to watch the World Series games onboard? The World Series runs from 10/22 thru 10/29 this year. Even more important than that, will I be able to watch the Monday Night Football game that week. I am a huge NY Jets fan, and they will be playing on Monday night that week.
  2. docbfree

    docbfree Guest

    I am also a sports fan. We have cruised during World Series two of the past 3 years. Both Princess and Carnival have ESPN International which is not the same as ESPN, but does give you major sporting events. You will see the World Series. You will see Monday night football. You will enjoy next morning SportsCenter. I am not sure about Sunday night even though it is an ESPN broadcast. The only problem will be when the wife wants to go to formal night or dancing and you have to choose.
    Also, I considered booking the 10/22 Golden Princess repositioning cruise. I think it is an awesome itenerary. We opted to go on RCCL that same week. We have been on sister ships of the Golden (Star and Grand) and loved them both. Have fun and go Falcons on that Monday Night, just joking.
  3. Fetzablu

    Fetzablu Guest

    Thanks for the reply docbfree...it sure is nice knowing that I will able to watch the Monday Night Football game while onboard. I doubt there will be a Sunday Night game that week because I don't think the NFL schedules one to compete with the World Series ratings!
  4. CruiseMike

    CruiseMike New Member

    So what happened during your cruise? Did the Golden Princess show the World Series on board ship? World Series is usually on Fox which is not shown on board ship. On a cruise I went on, they showed the baseketball playoffs on the large screen top deck pool side they use for Movie under the Stars. On another evening they showed the playoff game in the Princess Theatre. But I'm not sure if that was just a one time deal. I'm very curious if you got to see the World Series as I'm thinking of going on a cruise during the World Series. Also which cruise where you on?
    Thanks for replying.

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