Worried about missing an excursion..



we are on the Nov 13th sailing and unlike princess, carnival does not allow you to prebook excursions, we really want to do the atlantis, i know that everyone is going to make a mad dash for the desk when we get onboard how do we do this efficiently can they be booked from your room by phone??? or do they have more than enough ways to get to atlantis that we shouldnt worry about it, i hear most people do it them selves.

Cruisin Gal

I didn't know there was an "Atlantis" excursion. I've always just got off the ship and went to the dock and hopped on a water taxi to take me over to Atlantis.

I generally water taxi over...and get a cab coming back to the ship. If you take the water taxi you'll have a little walk to get over there though. (unless you sneak through the marina...and act like you own the place so you don't get stopped)

The walk is not bad...unless it's 95 degrees with 100% humidity...or raining!


On the Imagination, we didn't have TV excursion booking, but had forms waiting on us in our rooms. We were at the port by 11:30, on the ship by 12:30, filled out the form first thing (took only a few minutes because we had researched ahead of time what we wanted to do, plus this can be done while you EAT! smile), waited behind one person at the excursion desk, turned in our form and went back to the buffet to eat. Got the tours we wanted, tickets in our room that night, no problems.


I once missed an excursion by waiting to book - it was my first cruise - what did I know! I really wish all cruise lines would let you book in advance. I have a cruis booked with HAL in Jan. and am anxious to book the excursion i missed on my first cruise! I would book the excursion today if I could, but you have to wait til 60 days before your cruise date.



I took the Atlantis tour from Carnival on the Paradise DO NOT TAKE IT THROUGH CARNIVAL. The cost is way to much.

A cab ride to Atlantis is 4 dollars admission to the aquarium is 12 dollars than another 4 dollars for a cab back. The Carnival tour was 45 dollars each. The so called scenic historical boat ride to Atlantis is a joke. You see one rich persons house and the roof top of a house formerly owned by Charlie Chaplain and a roof top of a house formerly owned by Richard Harris.

We got our money back from our tour. Take a cab and pay the entry fee it will be much cheaper and better. JMHO


Hmmm! Twelve bucks to get into the aquarium? They tried to charge us $25 per person a couple of years ago. I refused to pay. Maybe they got the message and reduced the charge. The first time we went to Atlantis (May 1999), entrance was free to cruise ship passengers. With this information, I highly recommend taking this tour on your own. The water taxi guide will give you the same "tour" on the way to Atlantis. Of course he will expect a tip.