Worse News about Connie (9/7/10)


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Connie's friend just called me. Connie had to be resuscitated this morning. Her son and close friends were told to gather because they don't believe she will last much longer - possibly not even to Thursday when her next dialysis is scheduled. Her medical team feels either the medication to try to treat the Sepsis or the dialysis may be too much for her at this point.

The reality is finally hitting her son.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Thank you.

Mary Ann


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I am so sorry to read this latest news on poor Connie cat and pray for a miracle. I am sending ALL of my good healing wishes her way.


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While I am not surprised, I am saddened to read this. I had truly hoped for a miracle recovery. Prayers out to her and her family.


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It is very sad news but with all that she has going on I am not surprised. She has been thru so much for such a long time now that if it is her time to pass may she pass peacefully & without more pain. My thoughts are with Connie & her family as they go thru these difficult days.


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Our much prayed for miracle will most likely not become reality. If that is the case, I wish Connie comfort and a peaceful journey. She deserves that at the very least......but it goes without saying, she deserves much MORE! This makes me very sad.

Mary Ann, this has to be so difficult for you, being our liaison .... hugs for you and a huge thank you!


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Very sad news, indeed. My thoughts are with her family during this difficult time.

I will be in synagogue tomorrow evening and will add Connie's name to the prayer list, praying that her journey is a peaceful one and that she knows how she is loved by so many around the country and world.

ShipMaven, thank you for keeping us informed. As Mgram noted, I know this is difficult for you, as well.


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This is truly horrible news for all of us, as Connie had so many things she wanted to do but couldn't manage to make it happen. If she can't remain with us, here's hoping for a quiet and peaceful journey. More prayers are headed her way for her and her family, both two footed and four footed.

Krazy Kruizers

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Following all the reports lately -- inspite of prayers -- my heart told me that things were only going to get worse.

Will say extra prayers for Connie.

I never met her -- but I am crying as I write this.
We don't have to meet personally to feel a close bond. Connie is so open and we share our love of furry 4 legged friends.

I will keep Connie, her biological family and her C@ family in my prayers!



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This is heartbreaking! I just went today and bought another card to send her. I guess I will wait. But, my prayers will continue.

thank you Mary Ann for the info.


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If it's possible, Simon will be brought to the hospital tomorrow to see his Mommy before he leaves for his new home. For both Connie and Simey, let's hope that this will be allowed.

I can't stop crying at that thought. :bawl:

We have found a loving new home for Simon, but the thought of their being separated absolutely breaks my heart.

Mary Ann


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Horrible, horrible, horrible. Hoping that Connie's time remains pain free and that she goes on knowing how much she has been, and always will be loved and missed.

To use her phrase: ... "Where in the World" ... will we ever find another Connie?

:thankyou:For having allowed us to have been a part of your life!

God Bless.