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Worst cabins given to guaranteed cruisers?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jazmikey, May 27, 2004.

  1. jazmikey

    jazmikey Guest

    For the first time, I booked two guaranteed cabins for the Glory in July. I checked a couple of websites and it looks like the least desirable cabins are still available. In my humble opinion, the least desirable ones are those at the back of the ship subject to swaying. It seems like Carnival would need to fill these with those of us without a cabin assignment. Am I right?
  2. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    You are probably right, but there are A LOT of cruisers that booked guaranteed cabins, so the odds of it being you is still small. We booked guaranty on the Glory and got upgraded to a suite. So it could go either way, that's the risk you take with guaranty.
  3. Hi Jaz,

    How do you find out which cabins are still available on your cruise?


    9/04 Carnival Legend
    1995 NCL Dreamward
  4. bOB

    bOB Guest

    With a guarantee you will get at least what you paid for within a given
    category, never less. The potential is for the upgrade to a higher category.
    If these cabins are a lower category than what you booked, your safe as
    far as they are concerned. That is not to say that you still could wind up
    at the front or back of the ship, it would just be in a higher category and
    probably a higher deck.
  5. TomD

    TomD Guest

    You may want to have the ships layout with you when you are first told that you have a different room/suite. That way you can judge if it is really better for your needs. Careful about being close to the bow or stern (up and down motion) or the elevator (off and on "hum").
  6. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Some people want only the rear cabins. Do a search and you would be surprised on how many people book these.

    How to find out what rooms are available? Go to big travel site or Carnival.com and try to book a cruise for your date. You will be given cabin options to book.
  7. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    Hey has anyone been able to locate their room on a guarentee ? If so how did you get so lucky ?

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  8. olivia

    olivia Guest

    My agent sent an invoice showing , catagory-TBA is that considered a quarantee?


    SMASHROX` Guest

    There was a previous post in the last week about someone who had "cracked" the code to figure out your guarantee room assignment. Apparently, on the back of the sail & sign form (when you get your cruise docs) part of the booking number on the back has a room number on it. I have not got my cruise docs yet (should come in about three weeks), but will let you know if it gives any insight. If anything, the room assignment on the back of the S&S form is a temporary room....you may still be moved & upgraded elsewhere. Hope this helps.
  10. steph_texas

    steph_texas Guest

    we had the utmost rear cabins on the Celebration...and we loved them... we were across the hall from each other so no traffic down by us... thats a plus ! There was some movement, but not enough to consider troublesome... I think the movement was more noticeable in the dining room than our rooms.

    Have fun !

  11. I have had 3 upgrades
    Feb /03 on the ROC Voyager(now bankrupt) they oversold the ship by about 50 inside cabins and I held my ground when they gave us an incredible offer to take another date(50% $ back and 50% of the lowest price on a future cruise- these were limited of course since they no longer exist) They had no choice but to upgrade us to an oceanview- which on that ship was an expensive upgrade due to the small size of the ship. We booked a guarantee and those who booked a specific inside ,got exactly what they paid for

    In 12/03 we booked 2 cabins on the Costa Med. My hubby and I booked a lovely large balcony cabin with a huge Verandah and specified that we did not want to be moved. For my daughter and friend be booked inside guarantee in the lowest cat. on the lowest deck(paid 278 plus port) Lo and behold they were upgraded to a balcony on our deck!! Ship was nearly sold out.

    I was also upgraded to a porthole from an inside on the Oceanbreeze in 1995 but since only 400 people on board , not surprising.

    Keep in mind a lot of folks book the cheaper insides to get a bargain, and if you are on an inside guarantee and they run out of insides(as they obviously did on Costa) they have to upgrade you.
  12. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    Can't you just call Carnival and tell them you're thinking about booking and ask them what cabins they have available in a certain catagory?

    There are deck plans online that tell you what each cabin has...whether it's a double, handicapped accessible, upper and lowers, obstructed views, etc.
  13. Kensterfly

    Kensterfly Guest

    Cruising Gal said:<<<Can't you just call Carnival and tell them you're thinking about booking and ask them what cabins they have available in a certain catagory?

    You can just go the Carnival Website and go through the steps like you are making a reservation. It will show all cabins that are still available in all categories.

    We booked 6A OV guarantee in February for a June sailing on Celebration. There weren't a whole lot of cabins left at that time. Regardless, our whole group, about 12 cabins, got upgraded four decks from the bottom deck (Riviera) to the top (Empress). A much great upgrade than I expected.
    Best of all, we new about the upgrade several weeks ahead of time and even have our cabin assignments!
  14. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    Just to add a little to Kensterfly's post; when you go to the Carnival booking site they only show a selection of the remaining rooms available in that catagory. Not all of them. The only time you can be fairly certain that those are all the rooms available in that catagory, is when they only offer a few rooms. If there are only four rooms available then that's all they can show. Otherwise they'll show something like 7 ot 8 of the rooms that are left for you to choose from
  15. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

    Well, last cruise in march we booked a GTY oceanview cabin thinking we'd get a great upgrade being past quests, etc....

    But we ended up in the AFT of the ship only one deck up (main deck) and the beds vibrated alot due to the engines back there. It really was a bad location for a cabin.

    But then again booking GTY you do take a chance on this happening too!
  16. mcbarbee

    mcbarbee Guest

    It's the luck of the draw. Booked a guaranteed 1A (worst cabin - bunk beds) on the Carnival Ecstasy. I really got a good price so I couldn't complain but because I'd cruised so many times on Carnival before, I thought for sure I'd be given at least a 4A. No, we got a 1A. The room was as nice and as large as a 4A but getting up and down on the top bunk beds when you have to use the bathroom at night (especially if you had been drinking) was not fun nor romantic. Also, the water kept switching from hot to cold and vice versa when you were in the shower and the shower did not not drain for hours. Apparently, my room was at the end of the shower system and was affected by other people's showers, etc. We had also asked for early dinner seating and were assigned the last seating. The only time we saw our room steward was when he was trying to make up our room while we were trying to get ready for dinner (and trying to rush us out). He could not do anything about the drain. Anyway, I would not book a guarantee 1A again. I'd do a 4A in a heartbeat but no more bunkbeds for me!

    P. S. Have been upgraded at least a couple of levels when I had a 4A guarantee.
  17. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    From my mumble experience it seems that the earlier you book the better chance of an upgrade. Usually when I book about a year ahead, like this year, I get upgraded several decks. Only once, when I booked about 5 months prior and on a smaller boat - the Holiday- did I land up in the Riveria deck and in the back. And I had a similar experinece to yours.


    ps I'm sure you will get replies if I am wrong.
  18. hkolln

    hkolln Guest

    We booked our last cruise in June of 2003 for a March 2004 sailing so it was booked alot in advance.....just due to spring break and the ship being booked solid I guess upgrades were few and far between. I don't think it has to do with when you book it, I think alot has to do with how much you paid (we shopped around and got a really great rate so we paid lower prices I think) and how full the ship is.

    Since our next cruise is in January we're hoping for an upgrade alittle better then the last one....but who cares anyways cause we booked a balcony this time so at least I can go outside and sleep if I have too LOL
  19. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    If it wasn't the early booking that got me an upgrade from 8a to 8d on the Conquest in June, then CARNIVAL MUST REALLY LIKE THE OWNER OF THE CRUISE SHOP that I deal with.. (unless carnival is making it up to me for the Holiday cruise 2 thanksgivings ago) Lido deck here I come and bring on the food.....

    doing the dance doing the doc dance doing the doc dance again


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  20. jdfloyd

    jdfloyd Guest

    We booked a gty 4A for our Ecstasy cruise for June 28th thru our TA. We booked about 2 months before sail date. When we got our confirmation we had our cabin assignment also. R19. I questioned our TA as I had never heard of receiving a gty cabin assignment until at the pier. She said we got the last 4A at the rate she quoted and we would not receive and upgrade due to our time of booking and mostly the price we paid.

    We knew we might not get upgraded so we booked what we would be happy with. Never been at the front of the ship. Anyone have any experience with this? We've been mid ship, Empress deck and aft (back) Riveria deck. Didn't like the cabin in the back of the ship as we heard A LOT of engine noise and lowering of the anchors. Also felt like we had the ol "quarter in the bed" machine anytime the ship speeded up. I'm an EXTREMELY light sleeper and these things kept me awake. My kids and DH slept great.

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