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worth the $ to get higher deck?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Burley, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Burley

    Burley Guest

    With the current one-day sale, we could pay $80 to change our booking from a "guaranteed inside" on the bottom to an inside on the Empress Deck (we're going on the Celebration in September). We've cruised twice before (once in a suite and the other in an oceanview Empress). We're travelling with our 5 yr old son, and decided to save money and get the cheapest possible. In the grand scheme of things, $80 is not going to break the bank, but it could be used on shore excursions. We're travelling with another couple who decided to go the cheaper route, so that also influenced our decision. Being on the deck beneath Camp Carnival would be really convenient, but do you think it's worth it, or can I walk my little bum up four flights (assuming we don't get upgraded at check-in) of stairs to save some money? Thanks for reading what turned out to be a rather long question/post.
  2. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    In my opinion one inside is the same as all others.

    FLBRATT Guest

    I agree an inside is an inside.......they are pretty much all the same.
  4. trina312

    trina312 Guest

    It did not bother me what deck I was on, but if I had a window or a balcony did. I needed the fresh air this time and the light. I am taking my 6 year old son and I think the balcony and light, I will definately need. Just my opinion. Whatever you choose, have a WONDERFUL time.
  5. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    That depends on you. I book the lowest deck of the cat. I want (window or Balcony) then hope for an upgrade. Last 2 cruises I got upgraded to the Lido deck/balcony.....which is where we like to be! We like it because it's easy in and out for the daytime out by the pool. For everything else we use the stairs a lot, to work off all the extra we eat and drink ;)

  6. jazmikey

    jazmikey Guest

    I went on the Paradise last year and was upgraded from the Main Deck to the Empress Deck. I must say it was nicer to be closer to Camp Carnival, however, I would not pay extra for it.
  7. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    we stayed on the bottome deck on the paradise and it was fine
    I would rather be close to my friends than up a deck
    and you get to walk more steps :)
    we started our cruise by walking everywhere by day 2 we said screw it
    we'll take the elevators up and walk down

  8. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    LOL seems like we walk everywhere till the last 2 days....
  9. Burley

    Burley Guest

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I decided to stick to what we booked, but it's a long way to September, and I may "cave in" by then!
  10. ready2go

    ready2go Guest

    We just went on the Conquest in March and I too took the cheapest room that I could get. However during one of those times when they had free upgrades we got upgraded to the Lido deck. My husband and I have both discussed it and for us traveling with our kids it was very convient being on the Lido deck with the kids and the pool. Next time I would take the inside again in a heartbeat and if I was paying extra for anything it would be for being on a higher deck.

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