Would like some input on the Zenith



Anyone been on the Zenith lately. We are going on the 10th of April. Have a cabin in the rear on the Florida Deck-- would appreciate any info on how to get to the restaurants, pools etc. Just any infor would be welcome.
Thanks in advance


Its been several yrs now but I don't think things have changed that much from what I have read. We really like the ship and have sailed several times on her.. Rear elevator will take you to dinner no problem. Elevator midship takes you to the floor below the pool so you must use the front or the rear to gain quick access to upper outside decks.. When the dinning room is closed (most of the time) you must use the mid ship elevator to get to the Rendevous lounge area. Be prepared for some engine noise in your cabin aft on that deck.


Zenith was a nice ship. The pools were small, but how often do you really use the pool on a ship? Most people sunbathed around it. When the ship is really moving, the water slish-sloshes back and forth and they put a net over it. They had live music on the pool deck, which is more than we could say for Carnival. Food on the ship is great too. Everyone kept the ship is tip top shape. Someone was constantly cleaning everything in sight. We did the breakfast buffet at the back of the ship most of the time. We also did the lunch buffet in the same location. I think you'll like this ship even though people have said it's smaller than many others. We've only done Carnival Fascination which was about 100 feet longer. I didn't see a huge difference in the size.