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Would you recommend NCL majesty?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by mayott, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. mayott

    mayott Guest

    Fellow cruisers, I am sending out an SOS. It's been almost a year since my last cruise, and after going 5 straight years, with a cruise I am starting to go into withdrawl. The Problem, $$$. I usually go on Princess, but I can't afford one this year. Would you recommend NCL Majesty? I found an off season cruise I can go on for $449/person + It's out of Charleston, so I could drive and save on airfare.
    Share with me your experiences on this less than perfect ship. Any pictures you have would be awesome too.

    FYI... I have sailed on Sovereign of the seas, Jubilee, Grand, Golden, Star Princess, Century

    Thank you all very much!

  2. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Hi Matt. I'm a bit biased, as we've been on the ship three times and are booked again for next summer. Yes, the ship is small and a bit worn -- not too much -- yet she has the best crew anywhere. Many have been with the line for years. We found the food to be OK, too. My husband enjoyed the Pasta Cafe, in particular, and I loved the Presidents' Menu that is offered one evening in the main dining rooms.

    It's also true that the cabins are on the small side. Here's a tip: the superior inside cabins are larger than the standard outside cabins. Any cabin labeled "superior" is 145 square feet, whereas the standard inside and standard outsides are just 108. I'd take the superior inside over a standard outside any day. :)

    Click here for a superior cabin: http://www.cruise-addicts.com/photo...ownloadItem&g2_itemId=88317&g2_serialNumber=2

    and here for a standard cabin (this one happens to be an obstructed view): http://www.cruise-addicts.com/photo...ownloadItem&g2_itemId=28212&g2_serialNumber=1

    I'm happy to answer other questions.
  3. glasslass

    glasslass Guest

    I just returned from a week on the Majesty. It was my first cruise on a large ship having done a couple of Windjammers in the 90s. I have nothing to compare to the Majesty, but I found the Superior Outside Cabin we had larger than expected, and the public areas were large enough that I never felt crowded anywhere on the ship. The service was excellent, and we loved the Freestyle Sailing.
  4. mayott

    mayott Guest

    Thanks a lot. I have read a lot about this ship that says it is just falling apart, but many people would sail it hundreds of times over. I am not picky at all when it comes to a cruise. I have sailed mostly on princess, so I am used to a little higher class than some other lines, but I think NCL Majesty will be a fine ship for a low budget trip this winter.

    Thanks again everyone.

  5. I'll be on the Majesty in December ... hope I like it as much as some people have said I would ... we're driving to Charleston...
  6. ok, from a true NCL loyalist, but someone who tries to be objective: yes, she is an older ship and was not originally an NCL built one so isn't going to compare with the newer ones. I have had cliants hate the ship and some love it. No one has ever mentioned her falling apart. Overall NCL is pretty good, probably better than many lines at maintaining their ships. I don't know which Princess chips you have cruised. As long as you realize you will not be sailing a 5 star ship for $500 per person you should have a great time. NCL does have the most relaxed and manybe the friendliest crew at sea. The food is subjective, but may not be as good as Princess. WE have never been disappointed in the food, nor do we think it is outstanding. It's good, fresh, the specialty restaurants are good (I think Majesty has 2) and the service nice; Freestyle is the best was to cruise in our minds. Hope this helps. Just remember she isn't a new vessel. NMnita
  7. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Anytime you can sail from a local port, you can save significant transportation costs getting to the ship and back.
    I have sailed on the Majesty from Boston once. The standard cabins are smaller, but there's plenty of room for two. Although I wouldn't want to try to squeeze three or four passengers into them. But I've seen people do it. The Majesty's cafe/buffet is really small, but you can use the tables in the Royal Observatory below, accessible by a stairway.
    Remember, it's only 40,000 tons in size, so every venue is smaller than what you've seen on a larger ship. But, there's also fewer passengers, so it isn't over crowded.
    Since this ship has been in service for many more years, the crew aboard is very experienced, and treats the ship and it's passengers as if they were onboard NCL's newsest ships. I believe the crew of the Majesty is NCL's best.
    Have a great cruise......
  8. mstrylvr

    mstrylvr Guest

    Hey Noobiecruiser! Which sail in December? I'm booked on Majesty 12/16, first time w NCL. I've heard mostly good stuff and am keeping expectations minimum. Can't wait!!! Do you know if there's a roll call on this forum?
  9. cruzingram

    cruzingram Guest

    True the Majesty is an older ship but she is well cared for and the crew is one of the best around. We just got off the Majsety on Sunday. This was our 9th Boston to Bermuda cruise. We hope to go one more time before she is retired at the end of the 2007 season.
  10. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    cruizingram, when we were on Norwegian Majesty in August, we were told that she would sail through at least 2008. I hope this isn't a change, as we'd like one more chance to do the Boston-Bermuda run. I do get the feeling, though, that nobody knows -- or that they don't want to tell us yet.

    mstrylvr, click here for the NCL roll call board: http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/list.php?38
  11. cruzingram

    cruzingram Guest

    Lisa when we were at the Captain's Cocktail party in May 06 some of the senior officiers did say that "maybe" the Majesty would do the Boston to Bermuda run through 2008. I wonder since she is now in dry dock. Maybe they can do a few updates so she can stay going out of Boston till the end of the 2008 season. I do agree with you that eithe nobody knows for sure or maybe they just don't want us to know. We live about an hour from Black Falcon and will really miss this cruise.
  12. cruzingram

    cruzingram Guest

    Guess the Majesty is now in Charlestown. Still hope she can stay in Boston thru 2008!
  13. We are scheduled to sale on Majesty in March 2007, it will be our 3rd spring trip on the ship. We love the ship and crew. As mentioned by others, just remember the cost and do not expect a "high-end" cruise. We also enjoy getting into Charleston the day before sailing and checking out the great historic district.

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