Wow - Got our airfare booked today.


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Airfare done!! I've been checking Southwest every single day for I don't know how long, and today, when I logged in, the prices had dropped. I know that Tuesday is usually a good day for SW price drops and we were lucky and caught it. Yippee!!!

Plus, we are going to go in on Friday and stay 2 nights, so now I have to find a good deal on a hotel. Fingers crossed!!

Still working on getting our son's and gf's tickets. They live in California and I am seeing fares that are making me cry. They are wicked, wicked, wicked. I'll be looking at every discount booking websites I can think of. Crazy, crazy fares.

:clap: :clap:


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Great Corky! :doubleup:
One step closer to the holiday!

Funny enough, I did exactyl the same thing yesterday for my Med cruise in October next year. The airfare had gone down from about USD 340 to 210 so I decided to book even though it's a long way 'til October... :whistle:

I hope that you can find a nice hotel with a good deal! :doubleup:
The hotel I'm looking for in Barcelona is 4 times as expensive now as it was last year when I was there at USD 560/night compared to 140. Strange! :scratch: Maybe I have to check for another hotal or just wait until the price drops. Plenty of time to decide and a great number of hotels to choose from!

I'm sure you will have a great cruise, Corky! :spyglass:



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Thanks everyone!!

Funnel - how odd that the price of the hotel is so high this year. I hope you find a better deal. :smile:

Jeanie - we were this // close to driving down and then flying home. So glad we do not have to do that now as FLL is a long way from KY. LOL

Whimsy - The deal was, they were supposed to pay for their airfare, but, with the prices I am seeing, there is going to be no way they can afford that. Not with R being in school. So, I am going to scour the internet until my eyes fall off looking for a great deal. LOL

Thnx Earl, KK and Lisa!! We are slowly getting there. Yay!!

Calgon - we hope to take a drive over there sometime. Probably not 2012...hope you are still there in 2013?


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And The Cruiser - thanks for being happy for us. I was so happy last night that I could barely go to sleep. It was after mid-night when I finally drug myself upstairs, and I am paying for it today. I was just too excited. Either that or on a sugar high as I made about 72 biscotti and 50 cookies called Rocks yesterday afternoon. I might have nibbled on one, or two. LOL


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Corky, it is about an eight to nine hour drive for us... We can hop on a Southwest Fight in either Jacksonville or Charleston but is still a two-hour drive either direction.


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Jeanie - if I lived that close to port, I would never fly. ; )

Charles - Free checked baggage is the way to go. Especially for a 2 week cruise.

Donna - check out Ryan and Elaine got very good prices to come from California to Nashville using them. I checked them for our March cruise, but the prices were higher, plus, I would have paid baggage fees to boot. One thing I like about this is they tell you when to Wait or when to Buy. :smile:


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Congrats on booking your airfare. We did exactly the same thing last week with Southwest. The price went down & we jumped on the opportunity to book. Can't wait. Good luck with the fares from CA. It pays to be diligent checking fares frequently. I'm sure something will catch your eye...