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Will be cruising on Conquest out of Galveston Sept 12 and have some concern about cruising in Sept and want to buy a wristband for seasickness. Does anyone know where I can purchase this?


First of all, if you are cruising out of Galveston, you won't be on the Conquest because it sails from New Orleans. Maybe it is the Celebration (?).
Anyway, the wristbands can be found in any drugstore or most large drug departments. You will need one for each wrist. I did not have very good luck with them though. My daughter loaned me hers for a cruise during a time when the patches were temporarily not available. She used them to help her morning sickness. I didn't see that they did much for me but we were on a very rough cruise. The patch works much better for us. It is a prescription though. We have also used Bonine with some success. We got patches for our last cruise and they were great!


We used Sea bands on our cruise and they worked fine, but we had a very smooth cruise. I got them at CVS, they come 2 to a package for about $10. I did get sea sick on an excursion we took snorkeling, but I didn't have them on, I put them on and they helped some, but better to have them on before you feel bad. I was also taking Equate Motion Sickness medicine (Wal Mart) but again did not take it on the morning of this excursion (my bad).


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I would suggest if you are going to get the sea bands to get some Bonnie or Dremaine for a back up. We were on a cruise and I used the sea bands and they sure did not work for me. I found out that the dremaine works better for me by taking one hour before sailing and every 24 hours after.



Hi Laine
I was 8 weeks pregnant on our Miracle cruise in July, and had a really hard time with morning sickness. I put the bands on and saw a definate difference! If you do decide to go with the bands, buy them at a drug store before hand. They do sell them in the gift shop on the ship, but they are approx. $18.



I also used the bands on our cruise on the Legend in 2002. We bought the ones in the gift shop on the ship. They worked just fine for me also. The only thing is that I would only wear them in my cabin because they are not particularly fashionable. I am going to try the bonine on my next cruise.


Thanks everyone for the information and thank you Belizemama for the correction, I will be on the Conquest and also sailing from Galveston in December so I guess that was on my mind. I will take the advice and get the band and also Bonines. I have never experience sea sickness before on any of my cruises but I was concerned about this Sept cruise, but in any case I will not let this bother me, just wanted to be prepared.


used them on the Inspiration during a re-route due to hurricaine Isabelle, 13 ft, swails did this rollercoaster junkie in. They didn't do a thing, and dramamine tires me.

The conquest in April was more stabalized, even though we hit bad weather with 11 ft. swails. Now everyone says those patches are the best, at least consider it!

You'll love the conquest.. try he piano bar!!


Just came back from the sailing the Conquest (08/22-29/04). My sister never cruised before and on the 3rd day she was starting to feel nauseous. Her friend recommended the C-Bans (sp?) and she felt instant relief. It even helped her sleep throughout the night. She purchased them on the ship for $5.99, but they have a larger pack for $18.00. You definitely have to wear them on both of your wrists in order for it to work. You can purchase them at any drugstore. A friend of mine was using ginger pills and she said that worked for her. Good luck and have fun! We had a great time on the Conquest!!!!!


I use the wrist bands the first couple of days on every cruise. I wear them all the time except when I'm showering. They really work for me. Don't care if they aren't "fashionable." Better to be well and safe than not be "fashionable." Everyone knows what they are so why take them off?
They are especially great if you have to take a tender to an island over rough water.
The thing about pills is that if you are already seasick when you take them, they don't work. And who wants to be half asleep for the whole cruise.
I tried the patches several years ago and still got sick. Maybe they have improved them.

Still looking for anyone going on the Navigator of the Seas on 9/11.



There are two kinds of wrist bands. One is cheap as mentioned above. There is another fancier one that is like $50+ . Do a search to see some more info, either here or on the web.