Writing to Carnival pays!



I have written to CCL in the past about my adventures on their cruises and have sent them 3 good reports & 1 bad in the past. This is what they want to hear though... And as a thank you from Carnival , they offered me 15-20% discount on future cruises! see the testimonials for details on how you too can get a discount! Anyone else here have a story to tell about a discount they rec'd?



I just booked, i didnt go thru carnival, they wouldnt come down 15.00 im suprised, oh well,... Im excited maybe ill write them a letter, and get a discount for the next one


I agree Jester. Hello All. I have written to Carnival and also chatted on the phone. and have also received 15-20% off each cruise. Also received a little gift as we board either Champange or one time it was choc covered strawberries. Also I highly reccommend the Carnival credit card. Rack up points we have received 200.00 off a cruise and again fruit or campange. All the perks help and keeps us cruising every year.
And yes they love the good and the bad. Its a way of improving the bad and keepin the good things.

We have a 1/2 price off Royal Carib and thought we would try in on the other company they own Celebrity.
Worst cruise of our life. Celebrity then sent us 1/4 off but ONLY to use on Celebrity. You would think it would go both ways as Royal Carib did. So guess what Carnival forever!!!!!! Its the best and most of all a vacation is what we ourselves make of it.

Go Carnival