Has anyone here ever used www.grandcaymancruiseexcursions.com to book a shore tour. If you have please let me know your experiences with them. I am looking to book a sting ray city dive with them and would appreciate any information. Thanks in advance for your help.


buccaneer stingray city - its a party boat and husband gets to swim with stingrays, which i have no desire to do! they seemed very helpful and easy to communicate with.


We went on the Buccaneer back in March over spring break. They were great in fact we were lucky because all Stringray excursions were cancelled off of our ship because of high winds. We went and checked in like our instructions said and although we were delayed for about an hour while the owner waited to get a weather and wave update from a friend who had take a boat load out to the sandbar everything was fine. The people running the excursions got in the water with us and helped us feed and hold the stringrays so that we could all get pictures. It was great....although I have to admit at first the stringrays are VERY intimidating.


We've used them a few times now and they have been very helpful and the trips we have done have been great. We have used them for Captain Bryans Stingray city catamaran, Beach horseback riding and they also operate http://www.belizecruiseexcursions.com and we booked X-Stream Cave tubing with them.

I really like the live help they have on the website, they have been great answering questions and really know the trips and the ship schedules. I definitely recommend using them.