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Wyndham, Nassau (not thru ship shore excursion)



Going to Nassau via the Mariner of the Seas in February 05. Ship has a shore excursion to the Wyndham Resort, looks great, but an expensive excursion for just a few hours. Anyone know if it's easy to take a taxi there and just walk in and hang out for a few hours? Or, if they offer a pass of some sort to use their facility for a few hours, but not book it thru the ship??? Thanks!!


I stayed at the Wyndham last year on a land vacation. It was awful! Hotel needs total renovation. Less than half of the restaurants/shops were open. Rooms were outdated. Bathrooms were in awful need of renovating. The lagoon is dirty. Rusted beach chairs were floating in it. I would never pay the price for the excursion they offer!!

However, I noticed that no one checked to see if we were guests - ever. We would walk in the front doors and straight through the back to the pool/beach. From the pool area you can walk over to the beach in back of the Nassau Beach Hotel (right next door) and that is an ok beach. There is a small outdoor bar/restaurant at teh Wyndham where you can grab a burger. A very expensive burger! But all the food there is $$$. If you are at the Straw Market, where the ship docks, you can jump on a #10 bus for a dollar and get off infront of the Wyndham and return.

Across the street from the Wyndham is another little straw market and a 'drink stand' where you can get awesome tropical drinks. The Nassau Beach Hotel (next door) has a good restaurant Johnny Canoes - very 'islandy'.