X in Signature?


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I see a lot of red X'es also. Thought it was my computer. Also, if I am here then go to another site, then come back here I have to log in again. :madd::shrug:

Krazy Kruizers

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On one of the threads yesterday I mentioned that for the last week I have not been able to see anyone's future cruises in their signatures -- all I have been seeing is RED X's in boxes.


Captain Weather
Didn't bOB tell us last week that they were closing addictscay? He said something about moving all the sig files here.


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yes...................you have to"host" your things, as in we use our "Charter account"...so the x's mean you have to get that done by yourself...bOB was eating the cost to host this stuff,on Addicts Cay and he cannot do it for the $$ so he wrote weeks ago warning folks....

so now it has to be run off your site..it means to transpose like for your photos off of Kodak,,Picasa etc.. etc.for your countdown clocks, our GIFS etc....see you as it works..Joanne..


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Joanne, I remember that thread, but I got my countdown clock from another site...I think it's ucruiser.com, not addicts cay. So I didn't think that would effect me. I am totally confused! :duh::scratch::shrug:


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Karry, I have been having trouble with remaining logged in for over a week now. Thought it was fixed when I got a new password but it only worked for a couple of days & now I have to constantly log in.

Donna - dsw

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Mine was from Carnival and I also had stuff that was not from Addits Cay! I remember that thread - but my signature should not be affected by that! Thanks for the reminder though!