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X-treme Cave Tubing in Belize question

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by NoviceCruiser, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Does anyone have an opinion on Cave tubing in Belize. Just wondering if it is better to set this on up through Carnival when we get on board the ship or should we book this one independently?

    I found an independent x-treme cave tubing company called Belize Cruise Excursions. Does anyone know if this is a good company to use and to book on your own? Thanks.
  2. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    Had friends last month do this and they loved it. They booked through Carnival and said it was worth every penny.
  3. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    I did X-stream and was very happy with it. Much cheaper and less crowded than the Carnival tour for the same thing. Get in line early for priority in tendering ashore.
  4. Kessman

    Kessman Guest

    I also booked through Belize Shore Excursions (X-Tream cave tubing) and also had not problems. Mr. Utley is correct, it is cheaper then what Carnival charges you. Carnival, I believe, was in the mid $80's while X-Stream was only $60. Now, Carnival includes lunch where X-Stream only has fresh fruit (but it is really good fruit.) If you want a lunch, they will ask if you want to order some BBQ before you start your hike so it will be ready when you get done with the hike/tubing. It is $5 and it is good. I was happy with my experience with X-Stream. Oh, you actually get to go through two cave systems with X-Stream (Carnival only does one.)
  5. JoyceR

    JoyceR Guest

    WE've booked through Extreme - so we're hoping it is as good as what I've read on these boards. Now I just need to make sure we get off the ship on an early tender.

    We were thinking of booking through the ship, but they changed our ports around and we ended up with a little extra time in Belize - which made us a bit more comfortable with booking through the independent. We won't be nearly as pressed for time.

    Not much longer - just barely over 3 weeks !!
  6. Raven

    Raven Guest

    If you are booked with X-Stream just make sure you go early to the area where the ship excursions meet prior to tendering (that was in the main theatre area for us) and tell someone from the ships crew that you have an early tour that you are taking on your own. They will squeeze you in on one of the early tenders that are taking the ship excursions to shore. No need to wait for all the ship excursions to leave before tendering ashore.
  7. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    On the Paradise in April, they publicized a time and place to line up for tender tickets if you were not on a ship sponsored excursion. Bring a book and a cup of coffee and get in line an hour before the publicized time and you will get a ticket for the first tender out. Only one in your party need wait in line. Don't worry about missing the boat. Tell the Extreme guides when you need to be back, and they will get you there on time. One publicized "stranding" would ruin their cruise customer business.
  8. Thanks very much to everyone for your helpful comments. I was wondering how the tenders got the people ashore who had to make a connection early in the morning. Does anyone know if the cruise ships (Carnival, specifically) are cooperative in letting people, who need to get ashore early, get one of the first tenders? We have a Sotos stingray city tour also booked in GC. We have to be at the pick up spot about an hour and a half after our ship gets into port. I was wondering how people who had to be ashore early got one of the first few tenders. Thanks!
  9. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    If you are first in line, you don't have to worry about talking anybody into anything. The peace of mind is worth getting up early for. Check Carnival Capers the night before, for time and place.
  10. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I guess it depends on the sailing and the ship. Both the Victory and the Sensation the people who booked excursions fromt he ship were the first ones off the ship. We had to wait until they got the tenders. (it is not first come first serve.- Carnival has the right to offer those places to their own groups first)
  11. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Just politely talk to one of the people that are helping the ship excursion groups. Usually but not always they are willing to squeeze you into a tender that is taking a ship excursion to shore early. If you don't have an independent excursion that requires you to get off very early, then you should wait in line to get a tender pass as Mr. Utley said. Our X-Stream tour was heading out substantially before open tendering would start so we appreciated the Carnival personnel helping us out.

    As Serene said, it depends on the sailing and the ship. Enjoy!
  12. Mike&Beth

    Mike&Beth Guest

    We got up early and were "first in line" for the tickets for the non-Carnival excursion tender. Come to find out there was no line. The Carnival people just showed up and started handing out tickets as everyone gathered around them. We got on the first one anyway only to find out that everyone else on our excursion just went down early for the "Carnival Excursion" tenders and were not asked to show any tickets. They had been waiting over an hour for us to show up. We still made it back to the dock about 45 minutes before the ship left. The X-Stream cave tubing was great. Only complaint is that they didn't have enough lights for everyone and some people had to float in the dark.


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