Xcaret Eco-Archeological Park



Has anyone taken this shore excursion with RCCL? It looks interesting but the details seem a little vague on their web site. They talk about floating on an underground river, does this mean tubing? They talk about diving/swimming in lagoons, do they provide mask and snorkle?

Any info would be great.


Was it less expensive to book through Xcaret directly?
How did you arrange transportation to the park from the ship?


I didn't go to Xcaret when we cruised - we were staying in Cancun at the time. The park is fantastic - and we did the underground cave experience. You enter at one point - your clothes and other belongings are locked in a duffel and are taken to the exit point and will be waiting for you after your river float.

You're given a life vest so no swimming is required - you walk down a set of steps to the river - and just float along! The water carries you the approx mile - and every so often the caves open up to the sky above- at one point a photograph snaps your photo and of course, you can buy it if you want - at the end!

I am not a swimmer and was very nervous - but my fears were completely unfounded - it was a wonderful experience!


We booked this trip thru the Ship which was Celebritys Mercury in March 2000.
There was no savings at that time to go on your own. Buses met us at the dock
and ran back and forth all day. I would suggest going as early as possible as
there is so much to see. We also booked the dolpin swim for our daughter who
was 14 at the time. She loved it, but they go fast so do this as early as you can.
The underwater snorkeling was fun and yes you wear a life jacket so you cannot
get tired. Water is cool but you get used to it.

We had such a great day there plus a nice lunch in 1 of the restaurants
where we watched as giant turtles swam below us. I would go again in a
heartbeat. Enjoy.

Deb J

The underground river "adventure" is a snorkeling trip through caves. We enjoyed this excursion through our last cruise (Celebrity Mercury) with my husband and teen daughters. The water was cool and refreshing as the day that we went was extremely hot. The only negatives were that:
1. the water was way overcrowded so I had to deal with a lot of flippers in my face as I snorkeled
2. I questioned whether or not the snorkels were sterilized between uses
3. The signage in the park is very minimal, non-existant. Good luck finding your way out without a compass!

We ended up making a very short day of it due to the heat. From what I could see, the beach area was beautiful. We just weren't up to it after the snorkling excursion.

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does anyone know if children can go on the tubing cave tour can they sit on a parents lap . we are going on our first cruise march 28th and I would like to know if my neices can join us on this excursion


I would like to know about the prices for food and beverages at Xcaret? Also, as someone already asked how much the cab fare was from Calica to the park?


We had a wonderful time there in October even though that was the only day on our cruise that it rained. We booked thru the ship (Explorer). My wife did the swim with dolphins there . There is no way you can do it all in one 8 hour stop (counting the time to get there) so next year we are going to do a land cruise to Playa del Car or Cancun for a week. Definitely something to go to again. The prices we thought were reasonable. If you do the swim with dolphin order the tape before hand as you will get a band to wear. Those peolpe with the bands will be in a separate group and have more time on the tape than those who don't preorder the tape.

See <http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/view.php?uid=1358>. The last half of the pictures were at Xcaret (except fot the towel animals).

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