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Myself and a group of others will be docked in Cozumel and have the option of an excursion to Xcaret. Can anyone tell me about Xcaret? Is it worth the $70.00 it will cost to go there? Not planning on swimming with dolphins, to much $!! Any help would be great... Thanks in advance




My wife and I visited Xcaret for a full day in August and had a great time! We put on life vests (heavy duty) and took the river "float" all the way to the end (must have been 5 miles!) We went through caves, along forested shores and lots more. It was absolutely great and I am a very, very poor swimmer! Those who were swimmers probably had as good a time as us.

Xcaret also has lots more to offer: an honest to goodness bat cave, wildlife in humane setting, beaches and some great oceanside restaurants with good prices.

I definety wouldn't miss it! However; Tulum is also a wonderful excursion, especially if it is combined with the outdoor aquarium (you can swim and snorkel with the many, many, many fish!) Tulum, the Mayan Ruins, is breathtaking and has a really great beach behind it.

Actually, either choice is really worth the money.

PS Don't spend too much time listening to your guide, he or she will take up most of your time and you won't see much. Both sites are quite safe.




To: Mitch

To answer your question, neither. Xcaret is South of Playa del Carmen. Cancun is 60 miles to the North. Cozumel is an island that sits roughly 20 miles off the Yucatan.


XCaret is located on the Mexican mainland in Playa del Carmen. Most cruise ships dock at Cozemel, so you take a hydrofoil over for the 30-minute trip. Warning, the hydrofoil really moves through the waves at a high rate of speed so if you are prone to seasickness, take a seasick pill before you go!!

XCaret is one of the best places I have ever visited!! We had so much fun. There is so much to do and see that the 5.5 hours you are there on a shore excursion is only long enough to cram 2/3's of the stuiff in. They have a lovely palm tree-lined beach with free floats, an aviary and mini zoo with aquatic animals, horseback riding (fee) on the beach, snorkeling or floating the partially underground river, swimming with dolpins (fee) in two places, scuba (fee), restaurants, a lg. gift shop, Mayan ruins, nature trails, etc. One thing I really loved: they had little individual swimming pools blown into the beach front lava rocks! So beautiful with the ocean right in front of you (about 20' away, you are elevated a little from the breakers) and palm trees behind you.
Do not miss XCaret - it is well worth the money. The guy who developed XCaret spent around $250 million on developing it. It shows.