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Yea, I'm Back Up w/ my High Speed Modem

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by Charles, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    My high speed modem was destroyed 5 days ago. Got a replacement today. YEA!!

  2. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Congratulations! :clap:
  3. earl_m

    earl_m Social Host

    Welcome back!!!
  4. audrey

    audrey Well-Known Member

    welcome back
  5. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    It nice to hear
  6. Funnel

    Funnel Sweden Unleased - Special Contributor

    You know you have to be careful with those Rum Punches close to the modem, right... :biggrin:
    I'm glad you're back up again!

  7. Charles

    Charles Captain Weather

    I did that once Erik, a LONG time ago. Modem survived. No, this time it got wet from watering plants.

    I was working with a 56K modem. It was SO SLOW!

  8. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    That is great news!!

    In August I had to switch from Verizon which couldn't solve my problem as to why my speed dropped to nearly zero -- spent 6 weeks and hundreds of hours on the phone fighting with them. Each person there had their solution -- and none worked.

    So I switched to Comcast -- even faster than when I had Verizon.
  9. JacquieP

    JacquieP Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Charles. I thought you were going to say that Horhei messed up your modem!

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