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Yellowbird Party Boat

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by bippytrip, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. bippytrip

    bippytrip Guest

    Anyone do the Yellowbird Party Boat in Nassau? If so, how was it?
    Was the free rum punch for the duration of the trip, or was it limited?

  2. shotandabeer

    shotandabeer Guest

    it was free..they drop you off at a beach,and the locals show up with wave runners,parasailing etc.. do it ,its cheap and the ride back gets a little wild(limbo)the punch is free,but you have to pay for beer.you will get TRASHED if you want
  3. bippytrip

    bippytrip Guest

    Sounds good. Looking to get trashed a few times during the week we go:party.
  4. kld261

    kld261 Guest

    I did this several years ago, not sure if it has changed any, but the rum punch is free and you get very trashed! At the beginning it doesn't have much alcohol in it until after the snorkeling. Once you are done snorkeling its 151 rum and it sneaks up on you. The snorkeling was not great, we didn't see any fish, but we had a blast. Did limbo and other dances on the way back.

    SMASHROX` Guest

    I second that, kld! I went on that tour a few years ago and I didn't drink much on the way out, but on that short trip back, everyone in my group found themselves ridiculously drunk!

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