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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by ssatterly, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. ssatterly

    ssatterly Guest

    I just checked carnivals website and now the Dec 11th 2004 bl gty on the truimph went from $699 to $679 hey its only $20 pp but hey it all adds up.. So I just saved $40. I called them and they took it right off of what i owe on our trip. It was that easy. Know I know I am going to look on there everyday. Who knows Maybe I will save even more..... Whoo Hooo
  2. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Watch for price changes in higher level rooms. We were able to move up from low 8 to cat 11 for about $200 each. Price has since moved up another $500. Watch it.
  3. ssatterly

    ssatterly Guest

    I am not concerned on moving up. I have a Bl Gyt room so I am going to have a Bal regardless. I just think its great I am saving money
  4. aileenw

    aileenw Guest

    i just checked carnival website and Travelocity and our cruise went up $400.00 per stateroom for an inside gty room for our Sept 5th cruise. Why ?? Go figure !!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's ok. We are booked already.
  5. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    Ours has gone done $10o on Travelocity since we booked two months ago for a May 30 cruise on the Conquest. I will be calling Travelocity today or tomorrow to request our on board credit! There are 8 of us going...which is $800 in drinking MONEY! :) Well, maybe not all of it!

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