Yesterday and today - Arami and Pucci (photos)


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Yesterday, while I had appointments, Arami and her Grandparents went to the Phoenix Zoo. The temperatures are climbing here again, so I suggested they go yesterday instead of today. Then, I dropped Pucci off at Jean's and met up with Arami, Brucie and Sharon so we could go to Scottsdale Fashion Square and have an informal dinner in the Food Court.

No problem parking the SUV, and when we got to ground level outside the garage, there was a police vehicle with lights flashing, officers...and a dog used in crisis intervention incidents. Being a service dog, I first asked if we could pet the dog - well, Fozzie (his name) loves attention (sounds like someone else I know). Turns out the police were holding a benefit for Special Olympics and Fozzie was there for PR. Arami had to pet Fozzie, and the professional photographer who was there, had a field day photographing the two! My photos of them...

I was reading a bio of Fozzie...and it seems he and I are related. Fozzie's sister's name is my last name!!:scratch:

Having seen the dog, it took quite a lot of ingenuity and tap-dancing the rest of the evening to explain to Arami why that dog was there and Pucci wasn't!!! Pucci this, Pucci that, Pucci, Pucci, Pucci.

After a very pleasant dinner, Sharon wanted to go to Macy's. Although I hadn't been to this end of the Mall for a number of years, I was sure I knew which direction to go. Of course, Macy's was the opposite direction. :eek: Once in the store (finally), Arami insisted on holding onto MY hand. I was flattered. Needless to say, Arami will have a new wardrobe for Christmas. I DID give her one of the dresses and told her it was from Pucci - it had cute little dogs and hearts on it.

After the great shopping spree, I went back to their hotel for a few minutes...with Pucci still an Arami topic of conversation.

This morning, Pucci left to go to his puppy-sitters. Here are a couple of photos taken minutes before he left. As usual, he wasn't happy to leave me...

I had more appointments today, and when I met up with Sharon, Bruce and Arami, I was informed that ALL DAY, Arami just couldn't understand why Pucci wasn't there and why she couldn't see him. We had to patiently and gently explain that Pucci had gone on vacation and was visiting 4 doggie and 3 kitty friends. She still wasn't happy.

She is remarkably well-behaved. I took them to a nice local restaurant - 2 senior couples dining at the table next to ours complimented Arami on how well behaved she was.

After dinner, Sharon wanted to go to Target to get some supplies for Arami. So we all headed there - of course, Arami wanting to hold my hand. Sharon placed her in the cart's baby seat, and Bruce prepared to push the cart as usual. Welllllll - NO! She wanted Aunt Mary Ann to push the cart, so poor Bruce backed off and went and sat down.

When we went back to our vehicles, I waited for Arami to be strapped in to her car seat, then went over to say good-bye. It was a VERY difficult moment - until she announced I was her Granddaughter!!!!!!! I couldn't help but feel flattered.:) It was hard to say Adios to Sharon and Bruce as well. It was wonderful to see them.

Now, without Pucci, and seeing my friends leave, it's rather empty around here.
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Oh, how sweet all of that was, the pictures, Arami wanting you to be her granddaughter :) , Pucci sitting on his awesome couch. Thank you for sharing your time with us, I really enjoyed the pictures and reading what you all had done over the last few days.


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Wonderful photos once again. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Bruce, Sharon and your "Grand Daughter". I know it had to be hard to say good-bye.


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Thank your for sharing your visit. Sounds like a very nice visit with a sweet little girl.

Poor Pucci, I hope they days fly by quickly for him until you return.


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Awww...honorary grandma! That's a huge compliment.

Poor Pucci...wish he was closer and he could keep Casey company.Breaks your heart to leave them...they can sure push your buttons.


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My apology Mary Ann. I guess I was reading too fast and looking at the adorable photos. I am amazed at how more gorgeous she is each time I see her. I'm sure that you are missing them all. Hershel sends a big tail wag and woof your way, but he knows he is no substitute for Pucci.


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What a great share Mary Ann! I cannot think of a more wonderful day than one spent with a dear child, a sweet dog and great friends! It is a day filled with sunshine!


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Again, thank you. It has been a heartwarming week.

Arami has stunningly beautiful blue eyes. Her angelic personality and her beauty brighten any room.

I understand she continues to chatter about Pucci. Her Nani asked her today what she enjoyed about this week.

Aunt Mary Ann
Aunt Jean
Phoenix Zoo

in that order...

I asked Sharon - didn't she mention anyone else? NO! She's been occupied now playing with a remote-controlled mechanical doggie in Pucci's color - of course, it was Pucci who sent it to her. She returns to her parents tonight.

Bev - no problem about the Granddaughter. I think Arami's phrase would have caught all of us off-guard!:) Please tell Hershel I very much appreciate the tail wag and woof, and that I hope he continues to feel well.

Edited to add: I just got off the phone with Pucci. I know I'm in deeeeeeeep doo-doo. He heard my voice and ran off with his buddies!
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That's a great trick - having a grandmother who is younger than you are! Poor, poor Pucci having Arami petting another furry little boy. It was nice of Pucci to not appear offended.


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LOL>...I guess I skim too quickly through threads...oh my....HER granddaughter is a very very huge and much funnier compliment for sure!!!!