Yet another. Billy Mays is dead



Holy Cow! I thought this was a joke! I have been watching Pitchmen as it is a simple entertaining show, with no surprises that might be uncomfortable to watch with my teen. I have grown to like the man..what a shock!! :(


I heard about it much earlier today. :( He was just interviewed after a somewhat rough flight yesterday where he hit his head.


Yes, I heard that news report this afternoon. He was a master, what a great voice. Never bought any of his products, but he certainly got your attention (even if only for a few seconds). Wonder if it's related to that bump on the head, guess we'll find out at some time.


I think what they'll find, if they release the information (HIPPA, you know), is that he died as a result of an acute sub-dural hematoma. Basically a bleed in the skull, within the inner meningeal layer of the dura (the outer protective fibrous covering of the brain). Most likely it was venous, therefore taking a couple hours for the symptoms to present. The hematoma puts pressure on the brain, compressing it and forcing displacement within the skull. Often the brain is forced down and through the Foramen Magnum (the large opening in the base of the skull , through which the Medulla Oblongata ( an extension of the Spinal Cord pass). This causes rupture or compression of the connections between the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, thereby stopping organ functions (heart, diaphragm, lungs, etc.) and causing death.

Subdural hematomas are most often caused by head injury, and are described as traumatic. It is common in patients on anticoagulants, especially aspirin and warfarin. Patients on these medications can have a subdural hematoma with a minor injury.

Symptoms of subdural hemorrhage have a slower onset than those of epidural hemorrhages because the lower pressure veins bleed more slowly than arteries. Thus, signs and symptoms may show up within 24 hours but can be delayed as much as 2 weeks.
Subdural hematomas are divided into acute, subacute, and chronic, depending on their speed of onset. Acute subdural hematomas that are due to trauma are the most lethal of all head injuries and have a high mortality rate if they are not rapidly treated with surgical decompression. Acute bleeds develop after high speed acceleration or deceleration injuries (such as a blow to the head) and are increasingly severe with larger hematomas. They are most severe if associated with cerebral contusions. Though much faster than chronic subdural bleeds, acute subdural bleeding is usually venous and therefore slower than the usually arterial bleeding of an epidural hemorrhage. Acute subdural bleeds have a high mortality rate, higher even than epidural hematomas and diffuse brain injuries. The mortality rate associated with acute subdural hematoma is around 60 to 80%.


That man's voice was next to impossible to listen too but he sure tempted me to buy. Our local news says he made most of those informercials at a local production company.


He was on the flight into Tampa from Philly and was hit in the head by item from the overhead bin.
He was a regular at the resturant my daughter works at. What a shame.

Cruise cutie

It's the same thing Vanessa Redgrave's DD died from off the slopes in Montreal ;a few months ago..his was the same thing ..people just write it off as a simple Bump..and then wham it's all over..which is why medical folks "go overboard" on this..very sad..Joanne


And, my medical lesson was wrong! ME just announced that no signs of trauma were found. Indications are that it was heart disease...

Krazy Kruizers

We heard about it right away here in the Pittsburgh area. We saw him years ago doing his "pitch" at a Home Show.

A couple of years we were watching one of his info's -- bought the auger!!