Yet another clothes question



I know there have been lots of questions about what to pack, but I couldn't find an answer to this specific one. On HAL's website they say this about the main dining room: . "Informal nights mean a dress or blouse, skirt or pants for women and jackets but no ties for men." Others have said that for a man slacks and a shirt are fine. I really don't want to pack a sport coat, do I really have to? :-(


The answer is "No you really don't have to" most men will but you will be perfectly comfortable with a shirt and tie. For that matter you could ditch the tie and go with just a great looking clean and spiffy shirt. Just remember that although it is your cruise there will be others on board who are thinking the same way and they may want to get dressed up just as much as you wish to dress down.
You don't say anything here about formal night.. I might suggest you take a jacket for that and skip the suit or tux and wear the jacket to everything. Skip the tie on semi nights.

Rules for first cruise.:: Take two swimming suits, duct tape and don't sweat the small stuff.

Frank Black

On my last HAL cruise on the Oosterdam most men wore a sports coat that night. I did not wear a tie.