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Yet another newbie!!!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by luv2travel2, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Just came over to see what was going on after reading about Joebat, never been to this site before, its pretty nice and people seem very friendly. To my surprise, I see alot of the posters (past & present) over here from the other board. I guess this will be another board to visit. I actually like the chat room idea, haven't been on it yet but willing to try anything atleast once.

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  2. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    You will be on the Poopie list ?

    Dear they are checking over here ? Well I was welcome so I in turn shall welcome you here ..

    Sara Lee
  3. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    Thank you Sara Lee. I welcome you here too.
  4. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    WELCOME.....luv2travel2 .... THIS IS A GREAAAAAT SITE ~~!!~~

    All the folks are the nicest people you could ever imagine to meet. I'm still trying to find my way around so I can't be much help at this point.... But everyone else is sooo helpful just ask.

    I saw the Chat room and I am looking forward to visiting it soon...

    I always enjoyed your informative post on the other board, so join in the fun here ~~!!~~
  5. CruiseColl

    CruiseColl Guest


    Happy Cruising!!
  6. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    Thanks Joebat1 & CruiseColl!
  7. alsanto

    alsanto Guest

    Hi ya Luv. I had to find my info for this site again...... it's been a while
  8. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    Welcome Back Nita..... Nice to see some Conquestadors joing us here on the fun board ~~!!~~
  9. tiadeerin

    tiadeerin Guest

    Good to see another familiar name here. These folks are really nice!!!!! Welcome!!!!
  10. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    Hi ya Nita,

    I see you found the site.....

    Thanks tiadeerin.....

    Hey, maybe we could all go and meet in chat room sometime. Sounds like we could have a great time.
  11. Powerhead

    Powerhead Guest

    Welcome aboard. I am a former CC member but decided to give this one a try. I like what I see so far. I look forward to being a long time member here and making some new cruise friends.

    I dont doubt that "they" are checking and boy are some of you in deep doo-doo now LOL. Not surprising though.

    Fair winds and following seas.
  12. OBFam

    OBFam Guest

    I post on both boards, plus a couple more. Why would anyone care????

  13. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest


    I was here that day briefly, I started to read them but never finished as I had to work and when I returned they were gone. So I really don't know the ending and I don't really care.
    I have no hard or ill feelings towards anyone on that board. (unless someone does something to me personally) And not all your post have been removed. And I will continue to post there. And to make everyone happy I will go back and edit my original post. Done...............................And for inquiry minds that want to know, no alias name used here by me. No need to hide (as of yet anyway) LOL

    Post Edited (04-25-03 11:28)
  14. Doulasue

    Doulasue Guest

    Luv, I was thinking about what I said, and am sorry if I offended you. I honestly only wanted to make the point that no one should have any bad feelings about posting at both locations, that's all. Peace.
  15. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Yes................... Peace
  16. Powerhead

    Powerhead Guest

  17. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest


    Where is your cute little dog gif????
  18. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    I have to find out how to add him in.....I just found out how to add smileys and other stuff after or during posts...

    Glad to see you here! :)
  19. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    test test

    Post Edited (04-25-03 23:17)
  20. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    Welcome.....Shangrilq ~~!!~~ This really IS feeling like OLD' Home week.

    This board is FULL of VERY NICE PEOPLE ~~!!~~

    Have you talked Howard into posting about his adventures ???????? He is sooo funny, he would make a lot of people laugh.

    Luv.. There are several post about adding gifs to your signature. I'm not sure I know enough of the "new" way to help, but several people have posted about it.

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