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Yet more Pride out of Long Beach questions

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by mohavemommy, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. mohavemommy

    mohavemommy Guest

    I was just reading a post and have a question about the process of getting your luggage after the cruise. Is there some sort of security measure in place to make sure that you get your luggage without having to worry that somebody is going to walk off with it?? Is there a carousel there that your luggage comes on, or does Carvinal just sit it in a large room in rows by color and expect you to find it? (Yes, I have done this with Carnival on two occasions.)

    Also, is there an escalator going up to the walkway that leads to the ship, or is it stairs?

    And my final question of the day... by looking at pictures, it seems that embarkation doesn't occur on the main level of the atrium as I have seen in this class of ships in the past, so at what point on the ship do you embark?
  2. Alley

    Alley Guest

    Hi Mohavemommy,
    I will be sailing on the Pride on November 2nd out of Long Beach. I can email you on the 10th and tell you how things go with luggage etc.. if you'd like?

  3. mohavemommy

    mohavemommy Guest

    Yes, please do. Will you also be willing to bring back the "capers" and post them in the photo gallery?
    I wish I were going with you as I am not going until 2004. I think I am going through cruise withdrawl! Hope you have a wonderful trip!
  4. Sharkin

    Sharkin Guest

    My darling wife and I sailed the Ecstasy out of Long Beach in September. We picked up our luggage in a large room with no apparent security. There was an escalator up to the gangway. I am not sure what deck we embarked on, but it was a nice one. I am aware that the two ships are of a different class, I just wanted to try and answer the questions I could. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. mohavemommy

    mohavemommy Guest

    Thanks for the answers, yes, it did help me with the luggage question and the escalator question.

    I am mobility impared and cannot do stairs well, and when we sailed out of San Diego on the Spirit 3 day Ensenada cruise this past April, there were no escalators, you had to climb 2 flights of steep stairs to get to the gangway, therefore I was taken on board in a wheelchair. I guess the bonus to that was that I was given priority boarding, but believe me, I would rather ride an escalator than have to go through riding in a wheelchair across those bumps again and having to board the ship riding facing backwards. I feel that your first impression of a ship is when you first enter and get to take it all in.

    I guess it's back to the idea of putting some bright color ties on the suitcases in order to find them in the masses. :(
  6. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    I have a luggage story.
    Once while sailing from Miami (and I happened to live there at the time, which was lucky) I checked my luggage in..and I thought I was really clever and put 3 metalic red strips of tape on the corner of the luggage so I could identify it. It was a hard Samsonite suitcase...dark blue.

    After the cruise, I picked up my luggage at the port..same suitcase...SAME red tape in the SAME place...put it in the car and drove home. Well, when I got home...I found out the luggage was NOT mine.

    Fortunately for me...the owner's address was on the label and I looked and the owner lived on Key Biscayne! I called her...and sure enough...she had mine. We made arrangements and met half way between our houses and switched luggage!

    Now I was very lucky that this person didn't live in England or someplace!

    I don't think anyone would deliberately take your luggage....who wants to go through your dirty underwear and most people don't pack anything valuable in the checked in luggage...but as my example proves....someone else might be as original as you are in your marking your territory!

    So...moral of the story...get REALLY original when marking your luggage!
  7. Alley

    Alley Guest

    Ok... dumb question!
    What is a caper? This my first time cruising and have no idea what a caper is but what ever it is I'm willing to post it for you to see! LOL

  8. jedgar

    jedgar Guest

    The capers are the daily news paper you get in you r cabin each night listing all of the next days activities, port times, restaurant times, etc.
  9. Sharkin

    Sharkin Guest

    When I was reading your post it reminded me that there is at least one elevator in the Long Beach terminal for you to use.
  10. Alley

    Alley Guest

    Ok... so now that I know what "capers" are!

    Sorry first time cruiser here! I'll try and post them for you. Hopefully the fires in Southern California won't put a damper on our flight. Carnival says last Sundays cruise was delayed due to half the passengers were delayed getting into the air port.

    Happy sailing and I'll post a Pride report when I return the week of November 10th

  11. Ryaneg

    Ryaneg Guest

    Im a first time cruiser also, I'd love to hear how it went.

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