Yiiiiiippppppppeee It is Friday Happy Feb 1st.



And probably a good thing I'm beat and it has been a wild week at work.

This morning, eyes still closed I poured my coffee, opened up the fridge and promptly poured fruit juice instead of cream into my coffee. yuuuuccccckkkkkk. :lol

What a year for snow in the mountains. Reggae don't tell your son but another 2 to 3 feet today in the high country. It is nearing us but they say we won't get it because of down slope winds. I think we are supposed to see more here on Monday morning.

Going to be a quiet weekend here just the usual. Mike has the flu and other than getting in some groceries we are laying real low.

Of course we have the big Super Bowl game on Sunday! Go Patriots.

That's it on my end. 8 more hours of work and a nice sleep in tomorrow will be sooooo welcomed. Everyone have a great day!


We woke up to about 8 inches of snow this morning (St. Charles, MO, suburb of St. Louis). DH doesn't have to work today but I don't know about me. I'll find out later. It is definitely a winter wonderland outside today.


It's hard to believe it's February already. Of course I can't wait until March 2 for our cruise on Adventure of the Seas. It's raining here really hard (Baltimore) but it's going to be a great weekend. My son is coming home from college to celebrate his 21st birthday. So life is good. Everyone have a great day.


Good morning,

Judy, I know my son stares at the webcams out there, all the time :) He sure loved it out there. But we are getting a ton of snow here today, so he'll be snowboarding this weekend, I'm sure.

We are getting Becky's snow here today, looks like about 8 inches. But we are getting some warming next week, so it won't stick around long. (Becky, maybe you could post a photo later?)

DH got home from his snowmobile trip last night. He was sad to leave the UP, but the guy he rode with had to be back for a meeting this morning. He said they criss-crossed the UP putting a lot of miles on the snowmobiles, had a great time.

Now he gets to plow us out here later today.....

TGIF everyone, have a good weekend!

Donna - dsw

Good Monring Everyone!

We have an Ohio mixture here today. Rain / sleet / snow. As usual Ohio weather is crazy. Only place I know that you can frequently get all four seasons in one day. Not as mad as they made it sound on the TV. Sure glad.

Still planning on our girls shopping trip tomorrow - that is if the weather doesn't get any worse tonight. Then working at the club 12 to 12 on Super Bowl Sunday - I took Monday as a vacation day to rest up! lol Working the club is fun - but sure wears you out.

Guardmom113 we will be passing ships - - I sail 03/02 on Caribben Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale - enjoy your short countdown.

I went through the Photo Gallery yesterday and looked at all the photos. Sure brought back some good memories of past cruises and meetings. Friends I haven't seen in a long time. And then what a great surprise - Maureen called me last night. We haven't talked in ages - - had a good time on the phone - - when it gets warm we need to start up those mini addicts meetings again. They are fun!

Hope everyone has a great day - - be careful and enjoy.


Good Friday morning from So Cal. What a month. I am so glad January is over. Saturday we are going to see Stevie Nicks in concert, can hardly wait. No football here so I will spend the time doing laundry and gearing up for the rest of tax season. Monday
is my birthday so I am sure family will drop in for a surprise visit. Have a good weekend @ddicts and hope everyone gets better.


Kpopperwell,do I envy you seeing Stevie Nicks,she is one of my favs,like Lindsey Buckingham even better from Fleetwood Mac,his song Countdown is the one John and I had while he was in Germany waiting for him to get home to get married 13 years ago. Have a blast!

Donna I went thru the photo gallery as well sure love the ones of Ma Barker and wish we were going,oh well,am sure they will all have a great time!

Nothing much planned for weekend,just relaxing,but our weekend doesnt start till Sat. night thru Monday night ,lol! Sure hope someday John gets his old shift back where we have regular weekends off!


Hello, all! Glad to be home from Miami, even though it is 60 degrees colder here! I really missed the boys and DH, and they really missed me. Made me feel needed! I have the day off for sorting through mail and doing some odds and ends. I'm taking Ben to the Dr, as he has a goopy nose and eyes. He is having ear tubes replaced on the 18th. Crossing my fingers that my luggage arrives, as it contains all of my material and notes from my class last week! Take care!

connie seabee

Feb 7th is grandson Jimmy's 3rd birthday. DD and family are going to the Wisconsin Dells resort next weekend with SIL family to celebrate. Our grandaughter Leann will be 16 Feb 13th. Where oh where has to time gone.

DH is outside with the snow blowing going in full force. We got about 8 inches of snow last night into the morning. Thank goodness it moved out of here.


We woke to about 4 inches of the white stuff this a.m. so that's not too bad. Son is getting married this fall & daughter will be 1 of the bride's maids so we're off with the bride to be & her mother tomorrow to do some dress shopping & lunch out. After being under so much stress for so many months it is great planning something really fun for a change. Hope everyone has a great weekend.