YIKES - Almost time to board the Grand


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Time snuck up on me and didn't even realize my docs were ready...I just haven't had time to do proper research on the ports, etc.

Well, I booked the best tours I could find (after hearing so much about no bathrooms in any of the Euro ports I booked 4 hours or less trips)

Anyone been on the Grand for Euro sailings this summer? I hear she's in fair condition. They pushed my flight back and I'm just praying my bags make the connection into Venice. I've only got 45 min connection time in Rome.

After reading more on cruise critics (haven't had time to visit the site in months), I'm more convinced than ever that cruising won't be "my bag" in the future. I can't get over the change in demographic. So many people post that are just rude, clueless, greedy, cheap, etc. Soooooo sad. But this trip will be for the ports and it's off season, so hopefully not too many obnoxious Americans filling the place.

I'm actually excited to be cruising for the FIRST TIME where I can pack fall clothing...no swimsuits or shorts required for this one...they say temps should be 50-60 degrees (my favorite kind of weather).

Hey Princesses, if you're still around here, I'll try to post my impressions of the ship when I return mid November. I don't have time to post a full review of all ports, etc. But I'll let ya know about the ship and staff.

Hey, what happened to our "lolgang", etc. All gone?