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Yikes...Cruise@ddicts is frustrating me right now...

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by herb, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. herb

    herb First Original Member

    okay... thought I'd be nice and open up a separate AOL email account for my wife JoAnn so that she would be able to have her "own" screenname here at Cruise@ddicts instead of posting under my name...


    since then, I've hardly been able to get on to the site. IF I'm lucky all I get is part of the screen... up to & including the notice hoping I have alot of cruise booked! Usually just a blue screen... AND if I'm really lucky and refresh the page ... oh let's say 10 times... I can get on... as now...

    Yes, I logged out and logged in... Yes, I cleared my browser cache, cleared all my cookies and god knows what...

    P.S. I have no problems whatsoever with any other site... cruise related or not...

    Seems like that old addage, "leave well enough alone" definitely fits the bill... hopefully, fingers crossed, this will straighten itself out in time...

    Will post when I can... thank goodness most of you are on FaceBook so I'll find out what's going on through that social outlet :D
  2. red stripe

    red stripe Well-Known Member

    herb.. perhaps the problem is with AOL.. it has caused many a headache in the past.

    got to tell you this story.. My mother.. very British person.. (no other country is good enough) had a computer, we used to send emails back and forth. then suddenly she was having problems.. but no problem, as sis was going over and would help her out.
    Sis got there and mum said.. "I changed to AOL.. I do not want to use those American things"

    sister said.. "mum..guess what AOL stands for"

  3. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Red, you just made my day, that is so funny .

    Herb, I had a computer issue the other day, try everything to fix it, phone calls etc. Took me all day. It was the stupid clock, apparently, it went haywire with the new year. I never thought to check the clock
  4. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Well-Known Member

    Herb - I see the full post just fine - hope it all works out - will look you up on FB!
  5. John

    John I'm on Island Time Staff Member

    Hi Herb, Refresh your logged in screen and see if it works for her now.

    I made a slight change.
  6. Karry

    Karry Well-Known Member

    Herb, I had the same problem yesterday. I posted early in the morning, then couldn't get the forums for the rest of the day. I could get ON the site, read the reviews and cruise tracker, but got either a blue or white page when I clicked on the forums. BTW, I am .aol :duh: I em'ed Suer because I thought she was .aol also and maybe it was that OR the whole site, but she said everything was fine (and is NOT aol) I finally turned my computer off, back on again and got the forums. Clicked on ONE of the threads, read, and then clicked on another thread and the whole thing started again. Today, for some reason, I have no problem- knock wood. :bbat: I had Food Network and HGTV taken away because we have Cablevision:hammer: and I thought the forums were gone forever too! :confused: Good luck and hope whatever you do works!!! I know how aggravating it is!
  7. John

    John I'm on Island Time Staff Member

    Karry, Are you using the AOL browser? Or IE, Firefox, etc?
  8. Karry

    Karry Well-Known Member

    John, I am using aol browser. :( It was really strange what happened. Fortunately whatever was wrong isn't now, knock wood again lol!
  9. herb

    herb First Original Member

    slight it may be... but it worked... :)

    I guess Karry & I had the same issues...

    thank you...
  10. audrey

    audrey Well-Known Member

    I have problems on aol all the time I just go to another browser when this happens I don't want to get rid of aol for I have had it so long and don't want to change my address with them it would be like starting over. I am glad that you got it worked out Herb
  11. Karry

    Karry Well-Known Member

    John, I just wanted to show you the notice I get when I log on, which I assume everyone does. But look what it say on the bottom!!! :confused::shrug::eek:
    Hi Karry! I hope you have allot of Cruises Booked right now. Please be sure to Add them to our Cruise Tracker today. Please also post your Cruise Review and Cruise Photos from your latest cruise. Its Easy & Fun! We would love to learn more about your adventures at sea.
    Hi Herb!
  12. reggae

    reggae Well-Known Member

    I just looked at my header, and at the end, it says "Hi Herb" also...

    That's okay, we like Herb :boogie:and surely don't mind saying "hi" to him :)
  13. Karry

    Karry Well-Known Member

    LOL!! :duh::duh: That's right, Patty, we have a friendly crew here! :clap:BTW, welcome back to the board. I couldn't reply to your thread the other day because of the above! :cool:
  14. nieciez

    nieciez Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    I have the Hi Herb too :lol We say hi to Herb now but remember when we ignored Bruce :D
  15. Karry

    Karry Well-Known Member

    To add insult to injury, after I posted above, I went to look at Red's HB thread and I got the same white streaky screen. Just this minute it worked again; I've been trying for about an hour and a half....SPOOKY! :(:yawn:
  16. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    I'm getting the, "Hi Herb!" note also ....??????
  17. herb

    herb First Original Member

    I guess this will be counted as my 5 minutes of fame... ;)
  18. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    3 1/2 we're on a budget............
  19. Karry

    Karry Well-Known Member

    I guess John fixed it, so all together now: BYE HERB!!!
  20. J.E. M.

    J.E. M. Well-Known Member

    Bye herb!!!

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