[size=large]Hi guys, I'm back. Anyone miss me? I had a real conniecat weekend. Friday, my computer froze while I was working on it, and it wouldn't do anything. I called TJ frantically, and he talked me through some things. I kept getting a chkdsk message that said I had a dirty volume (?) and it was running a fix. It kept getting to 3% and quitting. So, no computer. TJ said he was tied up all week and couldn't get here until next Friday.

I was bereft without my internet, I couldn't shop, check my bank, email, forums, or even play my Nintendo game since the walkthrough was on the computer. Depression set in. I also had a killer headache from sinus, to I decided to take my full dose of muscle relaxers. I usually halve it because it knocks me out, but I took it anyway.

Man did I sleep well! I even made a bathroom run and came back and cuddled comfortably under the covers, something I rarely do. Scooter joined me, and wanted petting. So I scratched him and he responded by turning around and spraying me, all over my arms. So, I had to get up and take a bath. Pulled the soaked sheets off the bed and then I just went back to sleep, with just a blanket..

I finally got up, made a huge cup of coffee and went to put my compression stockings on because the cellulitiswas killing me. And of course, knocked my coffee over all over my desk. Pictures, notes, the error codes for the computer, all a mess. Got that cleaned up and heard water splashing.

My washing machine used to be portable before we installed it permanently. But, every now and then it gets pushed back too far and was pinching the drain hose. So, I fixed that and finished washing my bedding and put it back on the bed.

I have one of those solid foam mattresses, and I keep a plywood board under it because it is too soft. When I make the bed, I tuck the sheets under the plywood to keep them tight. Then, of course I dropped the plywood, mattress and all on my hand. Black and blue fingers and swollen wrist.

Went to get comfortable in bed and found that I had lost a pillowcase somewhere between my room and the utility room. Turned out I didn't need it, because as I went to get comfortable, I found Scooter had sprayed my good pillow, too.

Sunday I picked up some RXs on the way back from church. I was in the drive thru, on the outside lane. The girl stuffed too many bottles in the canister and the lid wouldn't open. Took me forever, but I finally got it.

Got home, and found I was missing a whole RX, and a second bottle of my BP meds. I get a 90 day supply and there are too many for one bottle. So I called. They are going to replace my pills, but they said the Dr refused my refill on my pain meds. Not (&(*^^ likely I said. So I had to get up early today and straighten that out.

Then my son came over (YAY) to fix the computer. Turned out after playing with it a while, my hard drive had crashed. Totally.
I had just installed a much larger one, so he was able to reprogram my computer, took 3 hours. Then he left me to try to download all my other things back. Lost my favorites, my games I had paid for, My computer is 5 years old. I had 5 years of Microsoft updates to reload. It has taken me from 6:30 until now, 1AM to get most of them done. Fortunately, after Cricket (I think it was her) posted about her daughter losing all her files, I had backed my up, so I could reload them. Still have a few to go, but for now I am mostly back in business.

Best thing, while TJ was loading the programs, Simon came out from under the couch and came for petting, and TJ got to scratch Simon's ears and feed him some chicken. This is great news for my timid little kitten.[/size]


Yes, you certainly had a Conniecat weekend! :( WHAT IS WITH SCOOTS??? BAD BOY!!!

I've been sitting here huffin' and puffin' because my Outlook (which I hate) e-mail isn't working. I keep getting an error message. Patted myself on the back because I researched the error on the Microsoft website, followed the instructions carefully to repair it (which takes awhile). First time, I got all the way to the last step and got "not responding". &#*@!! Went through the whole procedure again - not feeling 100% because I had a tooth extracted this morning and the pain med had worn off - only to find that the repair didn't fix the problem. :X So much for Microsoft repair solutions!!!

I've just taken another dose of pain meds, am going to bed, and will try to figure out what to do with my blasted e-mail in the morning.

Hope YOU feel better, Connie. Nice news about my little nephew, Simon. :loveya


Hope your tooth feels better. Tooth pain is terrible! Can't help you with the Outlook Express, I use Yahoo mail and it is usually OK. .


Poor Connie, you sure seem to have the run of bad luck at times. I hope things go smoother for you.


Connie, you sure have your share of bad luck! Now things have to get better!!!

We need to figure out why Scooter is doing this. I'm going to talk to my neighbor (vet asst.) see if she has any suggestions for you.

Heal up, and "may the furs be with you" friend :)

red stripe


Connie, what a wake up call.

Usually males spray more than females, as a way to mark territory. it is testosterone driven..

They can also spray from stress. so you may need to evaluate this. has there been any changes in your household lately? perhaps a new cat or dog? a child??

You may need to take the cat to a vet to make sure that this is not driven by any medical problem. If the cat has not been neutered, then having this done can often solve the whole problem. (note testosterone remark above..)


OMG what an eventful weekend to say the least. I know that when our computer is out for even a few hours we feel like we're deserted on some desolate planet :lol

Glad to hear that everything is getting back to normal


Oh Connie,I am sooo sorry,if nothing else you could write a book the adventures of Connie! My son had his cat neutered and it still sprays,I feel bad for him,that cat has wrecked his furniture,but then neither of them are ever home so those cats do not get a lot of love,its sad.

Take care girl,glad you are up and running again,but its a pain to get everything reloaded,I had to wait about a hour this morning as microsoft had a 3 pack new XP program to install,then I had to restart computer,yuck,so I am glad you can speak to us again. Take care! Hugs!


I certainly hope that everything is sorted out now! You certainly had a 'connie cat' weekend! Take care.



Oh Connie....What a weekend!!! Hope the rest of the week is better for you....it is nice to see you back on the board!! And what's up with Scooter.....I've not heard you mention this behaviour before....that could end a loving relationship really quickly!


Oh gees Connie. When it rains on you, it pours! I agree, Scooter needs to be attended to. Is he jealous you were sleeping and he wasn't??? =huh Hope your fingers are better, your pc behaves, and it's great to read that your little one is getting more trusting of people.

MaryAnn, the tooth fairy needs to be nice to you. I hope your pc problems get fixed soon.

I hate computer problems, and I live with a computer specialist for the fed govt.! You know what they say, the cobblers kids are always barefoot...


How strange about the spraying... we have a male cat who is neutered and he doesn't spray.... Good thing too! That would happen ONCE and he'd be at the vet to see what was going on.


WOW Connie, when it rains it pours. I feel you pain about the computer as I've had that happen with my old one. Now my new one is acting up, well, no sound, since I uploaded the new Vista service pack. Even with Microsoft's help desk I haven't figured it out.


Great to have you back. It was pretty quiet around here without you. Sorry about all your troubles. You DO seem to have more than your share of them.....take care.


Wow Connie you did have a weekend didn't you. Mine pales in comparison. I hope things get better for you as the week progresses. :daisy


Thanks everyone. Scooter was neutered when he was 9 weeks old, he never even learned to spray. He does however wet on everything I own. I don't dare drop a piece of laundry on the way to the utility room, or he will use it. He has been doing this since he was little, and we never have figured out why. I used to have to keep a vinyl tablecloth on my bed to keep him from going there. He has been to the vet, and no one can figure out why. This is the first time he has sprayed, tho. I tied punishment, and yelling, but nothing works, and the alternative is a final trip to the vet, which I am not able to do to him. If he has been bad, and I ask him, "Did you do that", he will run and hide. If I ask him that when he hasn't been bad, he just stands there and looks at me, so I know he knows better. He doesn't do it often, but a little goes a long way!!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lord please please please cut it out. I don't want my turn thank you very much.

I have had some of the same computer problems. What a headache. I hope you are gaining on it! Be careful!