Yikes! ! !


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Mama Duck, KT says you can come visit ANYTIME ! ! ! And Bread says, we will take you to a hockey game! :boogie: :clap::dance:


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Tobyn - I would LOVE to take you and your family up on that splendid invitation. I may surprise you some time (not this winter) because I adored Alaska in winter - end of February/early March.


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It won't be long until it is time to break out the sweaters here in Vegas. I can do without the eight inches of snow we had last December though.

Right now it looks like Mother Nature is going to make one last run at triple digits tomorrow and that should be it for the 100's this year.
I love the first snowfall - it always looks so beautiful, can tolerate it through the holidays, then after the 1st of the year it can go away. At least I won't be forced to drive in the snow this year. Yeah for retirement!