Yikes! ! !


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Wow, is that outside your property or just along the road somewhere? Wow.....it does seem about right for the season that you'd have snow. I grew up in Minneapolis and we'd usually have snow by Halloween or sooner. So, this seems about right...........but wow......I've been away from cold weather since Jan 1989!


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Quack - quack !!!

SunFlower is still making noises about getting this place sold and moving to The Great Land. Don't think she's realizing how much of the white stuff there is up that way. I know I can put up with it, as long as there are neighborhood kids willing to shovel the way from the house to the driveway/road.



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YIKES :duh:

I showed that photo to DH, and all the color went from his face!! :no:

He said "Damn, I don't even have the boat winterized yet!!"...

So guess what he's doing next week??

We get enough of the white stuff up here in Michigan too:(


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JillB, the girls say you have an open invitation to visit as well! They also said AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE! ! ! OI, OI, OI! ! ! ! :banana:I'd box some up and send it to you, but I don't think it would make the trip well! LOL

mrsrocster, it is looking down the road in front of our house. :)

Gottagocruisin, BRING THE SHOVEL! ! ! :thumbup:

JacquieP and others, COME ON UP! ! !

We tell everyone that to truly see Alaska, you have to come twice. Once in the summer to see the lanscape in its beauty, and once in the winter to see the real wonder.

Now, honestly, the roads were clear by noon, and the grass was clear by about 3:00 PM. If everything goes as normal, it will come and go until after the 9th of October, then it will stay until about April.

The first snow is actually quite pretty. Makes everything look fresh and clean.


I remember so many great winter poictures my aunt and uncle used to send from anchorage--would like to see all the snowy landscape at leasst once.