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I just noticed that the list of birthdays at the bottom of the page tells everyone exactly how old you are....I think that's just a bit too much information....especially if you're me!! Please take my birthday off the list!!!


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Now...will someone tell me how to get back to the topic list without going right back to the forum list??? I'm sick and I can't see it if it's here! Help!


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You can also hide your information from public view. Go to settings, edit profile, and under your birth date (real or not), make the selection you'd prefer from the drop-down box. Mine is set so that no one can see it.... but you can also choose to show the day without the age, and a couple of other options.


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where does everyone see this list of birthday's ?????

I guess mine is listed. I'm proud of my birth day, date and year... :)


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Sorry to hear you are ill, Beryl!!! I put up a "missed you" thread the other day and was hoping you were on a lovely holiday, not sick! Get well soon.

Donna - dsw

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We have all worked hard to get to the wonderful age and position in life we are at - - be proud of it! Besides age doesn't matter - - you are only as old as you act! lol:boogie:


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Pat, I haven't seen you posting for a long time. But when you do.... :doubleup:

I didn't realize these bdays were posted. Fun things to find out about the new software.