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Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by snowey, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. snowey

    snowey Guest

    Hey there fellow cruisers!

    This is my first cruise. We are going to Alaska on the 13th on RCL Vision of the Sea.

    Does RCL offer Yoga on board? Where do the classes take place & is there a charge?

    Can you believe I want to do Yoga on board a ship? I love Yoga and w/all the food we will be eating I hope I can get some Yoga in.

    Anyone know?


  2. lgeorgi

    lgeorgi Guest

    They do have yoga on RCL. You have to pay extra for these classes, am not sure how much but if you go the www.royalcaribbean.com and go to "activies" you can see all the classes that they offer. Usually most ships charge anywhere from $5 --$15 for these classes. Some are free. I will be on the Radiance of the Seas leaving this Saturday to Alaska and can tell you more when I get back. I too am interested in taking some classes - you have to offset the massive calories you will be consuming!

    Will keep you posted.
  3. snowey

    snowey Guest

    Oh boy, are you packed? I never pack until the night before...but I have never been on a cruise before. I do Yoga 3x a week and love it. I have been doing it for a year. It has really defined my figure (I am a female). Years ago I use to do weights but now just Yoga. At Larry North it is included in your membership! It is a great deal!

    I love to eat and that is how I keep my weight where it should be. I hope I do make some time for Yoga. HOw cool it would be to be doing Yoga with the backdrop of the Glaciers!

    What ship will you be on?

    Have a fabulous trip!.

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