Yoo hoo Conniecat

S&M in Pgh

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Where are you? Been thinking about you and hoping everything "worked out".
Please post to let us know how you are feeling....



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Hope all went well and you are just sleeping off the good "drugs". :clap: Seriously, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Connie.


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I am here,
and thank you for asking. I had the colonoscopy done
yesterday and man, am I pooped! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Before the procedure, the Dr came in and talked to me.
I had not heard from him, I had been dealing with the nurse.
He explained that during the one in July they had found some
suspicious cells, the kind that might turn into something worse,
so he wanted a better look at them, and another biopsy. Then
he said they might have to operate. I thought, "Here we go
again, you need an operation but won't live thru it. I had
thought that was over with!

But it turns out there is absolutely nothing there now. What
they saw must have come from being so sick, and I don't have
to go back for another for 3 years! The only problem I had was
that my IV in my arm infiltrated, so they gave me another in my
hand wwhich infiltrated also. My hand kinda looks like a blue balloon,
but that is a small price to pay for the good news!

Remember Johnny Fever announcing a WKRP contest where
the grand prize was, "You don't have to die"? I feel like I just
won that prize, for a little while at least:)

S&M in Pgh

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OH that's great - I was worried about you.... I had them blow veins on me too. You wonder where they learned to do that.... wish someone would do that to them :bbat:
take care & Happy New Year

Donna - dsw

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Great news and so glad you went.

I don't understand folks who won't go get tests done to find out what is wrong - if you don't find out -how can you fix it!

Now rest up and move on to the next adventure. Take care!


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Congratulations on your good news! Happy to hear....keep up the good work and keep entering those contests with those prizes :) .


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:clap:Wonderful news Connie and may the rest of your health issues follow in the same positive path this new year!


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