Yoohoo, computer gurus......



I have a question, and I don't want to bother my son who is still in the hospital. (doing better, still infected but much better).

When I logged on today, I got some strange error messages saying some programs would not load because my clock had been reset. I logged on at 2:30 PM, it said about 1:30AM. I reset the clock, now the forums seem to be working properly. (they weren't at first).

Anyway, what would do that, and is this a precursor of a potential problem???

There was no power outage, all of our other clocks are showing correct time.

Any ideas, geniuses?


connie, I'm no guru, but I was listening to a radio program the other day, and they were discussing computer clocks.

He said some programs don't like the daylight savings time change, and you have to change it manually.

Or, he also said that if your clock isn't working, open up the case, look for a little round battery (watch battery, looks like a nickel).

Take it out and get a new one, replace it and clock should work again.

don't know if that's what's going on with your computer, but just thought I'd pass that on....


If you unplug your computer at night you may be draining your battery. Either way it does sound like a battery issue and reggae's advice would be correct. You just need a new battery.


The only other thing I can think of Connie, is that Microsoft, who we all know and love, did another upgrade yesterday......haven't had any problem on my end, but, with those upgrades, you never know....


Reset the time, turn off the computer, unplug the computer for give or take 15 minutes, this allows all capacitors storing energy to dissipate, plug the computer back in, turn it on if the time is correct the problem is not the internal battery it is some other issue, if it is not correct there is a chance that it IS the battery and replace it or have it replaced. If leaving the computer on 24/7 eliminates the problem that is another indication that it might be the battery. Most all (few exceptions) computers use a CR2032 (button) battery, available at just about any corner drug store or WallyWorld, unless you have to have somebody else install it, don't pay the computer store price for one. If you take the side cover off of the computer, usually the battery is easy to find, stands out like a silver sore thumb, use a small small screwdriver to press on the side latch which will allow it to pop out of the holder, then just put the new one in and press down till it snaps in. Depending on the machine if you replace it while it is still plugged in you may not have to reset the clock but if all fails it can be reset by just clicking on the clock icon in the trays right side.