You asked for PHOTOS of Lake Louise?

H2O babe

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Beautiful shot MaryAnn --- I remember my parents talking about visiting the Lake Louise/Banff area as well as the Calgary Stampede. We would love to get there someday.

Your room looked absolutely stunning.



Forever Remembered
I appreciate all your lovely comments...and am happy if I brought back reminiscences, old and recent, for those of you who've been there or whose families have been there (love your photos, Beryl!).

I rarely take time for myself, so it was a heavenly treat to have those two days of pure bliss. The internet, for some reason, didn't work in my room - I could have called for Tech assistance but I was naughty and didn't bother! I knew we'd be going at lightning speed in Banff... :)

Jill B

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Wow Mary Ann, what a beautiful place! Looks like we need to save our pennies for another trip UpOver. I am guessing that is snow on the ground?
Thanks for sharing these great photos with us. :)

Cruise cutie

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OH>>>>>>>>>>>> now I really want to go more now .. my teacher in 5th grade had a "slide show".( showing my years!!..:D..)the whole picture show was breath taking I have never forgotten it ..this merely makes it more of a want..thanks so much..hugs..Joanne

connie seabee

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Maryann, the photos of Lake Louise are beautiful. I can see why you enjoyed it so much. The room is so charming, and the view is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.


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Oh Mary Ann, what a heavenly place!! I need to put it on my must see places!! Absolutely gorgeous pics! How lucky for you to have that room with that view!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.


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I'm so happy to see the reaction to the photos. Sometimes, we needn't travel to the ends of the earth to savor what we have right here on the North American continent!


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Wow amd I glad I went back a ways to see what I missed last week. The plase in wonderful Ship.. I have a fondness in my heart for Yellow Labradors.